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    5.4 Legendary Cloaks - Transmoggable or no?

    Did a little searching, but I wasn't able to find anything. Do we have any idea whether the legendary cloaks will be transmoggable or not? Not really a fan of them myself, and if they weren't, I'd find that extremely dissapointing.

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    I can see Blizz sticking to their No Transmogging Legendaries policy.
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    good point, that would suck tbh since i love my tmog cloak with my set.

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    I think he's asking if you can transmog the legendary to another cloak graphic, which I'm not sure if you can or can't. I will just be hiding mine like the rest.

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    Eh not sure, Mine goes well with my set from what I can see, plus the Xuen proc is amazing. I doubt it, tbh.

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    Just hide it like everyone else.

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    I doubt it, since you can't transmog legendaries, but you could always hide it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    I can see Blizz sticking to their No Transmogging Legendaries policy.
    This is going to be how it is, but I really wish that policy would sail off into the sunset.

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    I hope the proc animation is as big as on the video! That Melee Cloak looks perfect for my DK transmog set!

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    I doubt it but i'm hoping the proc will show even if the cloak is hidden.
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    Very unlikely It's a legendary thus the whole YOU CAN'T XMOG LEGENDARIES thing will be in effect for sure lol

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    If they won't give us a legendary weapon they could at least make these transmogable to make this whole anti climactic legendary ordeal less so. It might give a reason to actually show my cloak.

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    The no-legendaries rule is "No Legendaries" (not "No Legendary Weapons, But Other Legendary Things Are Okay").

    Unless they decide to relax the rules, there will be no mogging. Can they even allow legendaries of one slot but not another? We don't know.

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    Was wondering will this effect be there when you get the cape, and i saw the cape is legendary, i thought they were purple first?
    Do you first need to do something to make it 'legendary' (orange) and get that effect? Or will this all happen once you get it?
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    Weapons are a bit different to cloaks. Cloaks are less profound and visual so I expect them to be moggable after a while (not sure if the visual proc is mogged with it tho).

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    The effect looks nice, shame the actual cloak looks like garbage.

    Im soo torn.

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