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    Who forced Blizzard to add an itemshop?

    Simple question.

    I personally don't believe the Blizzard has financial autonomy. It's Activision-Blizzard and it's board of directors that pull the strings and decide what budget and what market potential Blizzard has to explore with their games.

    The itemshop? Probably got forced by Activision-Blizzard to start putting that in their game.
    The old Blizzard before the Activision merge, that made WC3, etc. would never have sank this low in my opinion.

    Anyway, this is not a thread about the itemshop, but one about "who calls the shots?" Blizzard, Activision or Activision-Blizzard?
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    Someone who want more money. Maybe CEO of Blizzard told them to find something to get more money too.

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    Blizzard decides what they want in the game, nobody else. The primary reason to add this stuff was most likely a demand from the chinese players. This is something that we (EU, US players) might never see. This will most likely be available for chinese players first & then maybe it'll make it's way here eventually but we might never see it anyway just like the multiple raid lockouts & higher ilvl items that chinese players already get.

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    I disagree; it's a thread about the item shop or will become one. In any case, the topic easily fits into one of the existing threads and the answer to the question, if any, is unknowable at this point.

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