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    Duelist title cataclysm BG?

    Hey I was just wondering:

    What's the cutoff for duelist title in catalcysm battlegroup?
    If I am in range which I highly doubt: Am I still eligible for the title when my account is frozen and I am inactive?
    Am I still eligible for the title when my rating is more than 100 higher of the teamrating?
    Am I still eligible for the title when I'm the only player in the team?

    Quitted WoW about 2 months ago, might play again in 5.4. Team rating is 2153 and Personal rating is 2258.

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    Estimated glad rank: 9
    Estimated duelist rank: 54

    Keep in mind these stats don't have the greatest accuracy. But with these stats, no, you would not earn the Duelist title. To answer your questions:

    Yes, however you aren't in range unfortunately.

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