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    2 healing heroic ToT


    We finally got to Lei Shen and we plan on killing it this week. Time for heroics! So far we have 3 healed all normal fights, no particular reason, simply because our healers don't really like dpsing that much. But soon one of our healers will have to skip some raids, so what I'm asking is, will we be able to 2 heal hc's or is it gonna make it much more difficult for us?

    Raid composition is:

    Blood DK
    Prot Pally

    Resto Druid
    Disc/Holy Priest (would holy be better than disc?)

    Ele Shaman
    Frost DK
    Shadow Priest
    Rogue/Frost Mage

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    Probably possible to some extinct, not that really into 10man HCs (mainly do 25s).
    Depends on the quality of your healers i guess.

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    Disc is gonna be better than Holy.

    There's no reason you can't 2-heal (in fact, it's recommended on some of the fights).
    Your healers just have to be on the ball, and so does the rest of your raid. Performing mechanics correctly and mitigating as much incoming damage as possible will be essential.

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    You can 2 heal all the fights. But! It depends on how good you all are (DPS, Tanks, Heals). It's all composition, comfort, and skill.
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    We are currently 5/13H (Jin'Rokh, Horridon, Tortos, Ji'Kun, IQ). I believe the only fight we 3-healed out of those was IQ and I (prot pally) solo-tanked it.

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    Our raid 3 healed a lot of the fights for the same reason as you. Since we are now down a healer, we have begun 2 healing which has not been a problem. Your main issue is going to be gear and whether or not the healers can keep up. You won't be able to 2 heal magaera with that comp and Iron Qon will give you some trouble also. Aside from that, 2 healing is perfectly doable.

    For Council, definitely bring your rogue so you can cheese the frostbite. To do this, everyone needs to stack in the center AFTER the first sand trap goes down and the rogue needs to use smoke bomb. This will cause the frostbite to not go out.

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    Some of the fights will def be harder with just two. A lot of times, 3 healing (esp with a disc priest), gives you more margin for error (and you can sustain the lost dps because of inflated item levels). If you're just now getting to heroics, it might be tough for you guys to 2 heal stuff, esp if they've been 3 healing so far and have gotten used to it.

    Comments below are in regard to healing it with 2 heals, not in general:
    Jin'rokh-2 healable, but people will have to dodge lightning balls better than they would w/ 3 heals
    Horridon-You want to 2 heal this anyway.
    Council-Will be tough.
    Tortos-Kinda tough.
    Mega-Kinda tough.
    Ji-kun-Doable. So long as your dps is strong, I'd rec only visiting the first 4 nests. If that isn't enough, just go to the first 8. Might be taxing on the solo healer left on the platform.
    Prim-Will be tough 2 healing, esp at the end when he's leveled up the most.
    Dark Animus-Idk, but you won't be working on it anytime soon.
    IQ-Easier w/ 3 but doable.
    Twins-Easier w/ 3 but doable.

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    I'm 8/13 ATM and we 2-healed everything (megaera to last head too, with an ele shaman tossing healing rain on rampages)

    We run MW/disc and our MW is almost constantly DPSing, except on intense damage phases.

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    In my 10M experience here, with a MW, Resto Sham, Disc priest setup.

    Jin'rohk - 2 healable, heck it's even 1 healable if people are good at dodging stuff.
    Horridon - MUCH much easier to 2 heal, but 3 healed our first time.
    Tortos - 2 healable, but you probably want 3. A MW or Resto druid make it much easier however.
    Ji-Kun - 2 healable, but have been using 3 to save on headaches.
    Durumu - SEEMS 2 healable, with some strain, but haven't spent a lot of time on him.
    Prim - This fight is straining even with 3 heals.
    IQ - 2 healing is straining but do-able. 3 recommended.
    Twins - 3 our first kill. 2 seems do-able however.

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    Yes you can pretty much two heal anything, like it was stated above, the whole raid really has to be on their game, especially the healers.

    We (myself and the resto druid) have two healed everything for our heroic progression (Jin'rokh, Horridon, Council, Tortos, Ji'kun, Iron Qon, and Twin Consorts) without much of an issue. Obviously learning the fights there is a bit of a curve but it's just about learning the damage spikes, when tanks need heals vs raid heals, and getting a good feel for your healing partner.

    Really a strong chemistry between the healers will make it possible.

    We use Mistweaver Monk and Resto Druid, by no means the strongest comp.

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    Heres the thing. You've been 3 healing fights you should have been 2 healing on normal. Now you want to step up to heroics AND drop a healer. Can you 2 heal them? No doubt. Your healers and raid members will however need to step up. You will need more output from them and there isn't as much spare capacity to heal people that stand in bad anymore.

    I'd say council, Iron Qon and primordius would be extremely hard to 2 heal on progression. 3 is definitely my advice for those 3 bosses.

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    6/13H right now (Jin'Rokh, Horridon, Tortos, Megaera, Ji-Kun, Iron Qon)

    Holy Pally
    Resto Druid
    Disc priest on 3 heal fights

    We three heal Megaera, Ji-Kun, and Iron Qon. Two heal everything else.

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    On progression we 2 healed

    Iron Qon (Had an enhancement shaman throwing down HRs in P1 and P4)

    And we 3 healed

    Council (trying to drop our 3rd healer soon™)
    Twin consorts (the 3rd healer was a disc priest who didn't nothing but atonement healing and who ran the constellations.)

    So most fights can be 3 healed on progression but you might want a 3rd healer for some intensive fights or a lot of hybrids who can offheal or pop raid CDs if needed.
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    On progression (1st kills) we 3 healed ji'kun, primordius and twins (resto shaman running constellations so not really doing anything). Every thing else is 2healable, particularly with resto druids and disc priests. Make sure your raid tries not to take more damage than they need to.

    We could probably lose a healer from Iron Qon, but getting past phase 1 damage is the only problem, we all go afk and finish the fight on 100% mana without cooldowns by the end =/

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    My guilds 10/13 at the moment (Paladin, Mistweaver and a swing druid) and we 3 heal Magaera, Ji-kun (so much easier dealing with the nests with 3), Primordius, Iron Qon (though we have 2 healed it 3 just makes it smoother), and Twin Consorts (Our Mistweaver ran the constellations).

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    Question from me- my guild will be getting into heroics too next week, but we have terrible raid comp-
    tanks- dk, prot pally/warrior
    healers- 2 pallys, disc priest
    dps- 2/3 mages, hunter, dk, lock, rogue

    Many people have alts, but on progression fights we're often running with something like 3 mages, 3 pallys, 2 dk, priest and lock.No AoE healer hurt us the most, but we don't have any good geared (i mean 500+) druid/monk/shammy healer in guild.
    My question is- how hard it will be to do at least first 2 bosses on HC with pally+disc setup? IMO they're good players, we can 2 heal first 5 ToT bosses with no problem, never tried to 2 heal next bosses but i think they will be fine too.

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    From a progress PoV you can get away with uhm...

    Jin'rokh: 3
    Horridon: 2
    Council: 3
    Tortos: 2
    Megaera: 3
    Ji-kun: 3
    Durumu: 2
    Primordius: 3
    Dark Animus: 2
    Iron Qon: 3
    Twins: 2
    Lei Shen: 2
    Ra-den: 2

    For HC farming you can 2 heal everything, even without a disc priest.

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    We had to 2 heal every fight (Except Ra-den) last week due to setup issues. The only fight you'd want to be careful on is Megaera. Rest of them went pretty smooth.
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    Everything is 2 healable, Megaera being the hardest though, but definitely doable.

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