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    Mod please moderate?

    So I have been reporting people for about 2-3 hours. Well 1 person in general.

    Nothing has been done. He is still making off topic posts in a thread. Openly fighting with people for no reason.

    So at what point can we get some moderation here?

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    Posting here won't help. The best thing to do if you REALLY want immediate results...

    is to check which forum users are online and PM a moderator of that section or a blue mod that shows as online or had recent activity.

    is to wait for a mod to see the report patiently and make sure your report is accurate with specific examples and posts of which rules it breaks.
    Anyone who uses the word "cancer" as a slang term to mean 'bad' automatically gets added to my ignore list.

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    Funny thing. instead of infracting the one that started it all. they infract someone else and don't say anything.....

    Stay classy mods.

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    Different time zones and mods in different forums means things don't always get taken care of right away. If you have issues with moderation please PM Sunshine with specific examples so she can look into it directly and take any needed actions.

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