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    Blizzard Store: Transmog Packages - Would You Buy Them?

    Rogue Bundle

    Dreadlord's Nightstalker:


    Equip: Unlocks the ability to /taunt: Rogue bends over and releases flying daggers

    Equip: Having slain your foe the Rogue automatically performs a Fatality

    Equip: Permits you to harvest the Vanilla herb now visable in Azeroth with any character with the Herbalism skill on one WoW account: (used to craft ''Vanilla" weapons/armor):

    Once crafted: can duel weild FAN dagger/swords

    While wearing the Nightstalker's armor the Rogue may permenantly stay stealthed so long as the Rogue remains in a Zone or City in which Night time is present and/or the Zone is darkened i.e. Duskwood. The Rogue gains increased movement speed at night and all bonuses wear off when the armor is removed and/or broken until repaired otherwise

    Druid could get a Treant or Furbolg feral set or even a Dryad balance set; a bonus could include now being able to communicate with animal NPC/Mobs and receiving special quests (Efsee the cat in Lakeshire Redridge finally says something you can understand and starts up a new quest chain)

    TL;DR: Transmog Gear with bonuses that unlock abilities but DON'T specifically add bonuses to the character itself (Str, Spirit, Stam, Agility etc.)

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    Yeah I'd probably buy it but en again I'd buy most stuff that make my guy a badass even if it doesn't affect gameplay!

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    Absolutely! i buy everything what they offer because i love blizzard and im a loyal customer, i want to support them wherever i can

    and this transmog pack does look awesome

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    There are currently several threads in which a discussion much like this is already going on about transmogrified gear and whether or not it's a good idea to buy such. Please post in one of those instead of creating another thread. Thank you.
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