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    Some kind of Xmas themed corgi it is?

    Not only the christmas and Ascend-a-Friend ones (which were the first one), Rift got corgis (about four different ones) in its store and corgi NPCs because it's like an community/staff joke. Almost every new event brings a special corgi as pet reward and the playerbase likes them so much they requested a corgi mount - the staff laughed and said it could be done soon.
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    If WoW is going to do corgi's they need to do it right. That model looks like a mega-block. I mean the pug got more detail. /shrug To be honest I don't even like corgi's they look like they have a bad genetic mutation.

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    Geez another Paladin nerf great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleraven View Post
    the 5 second cast time makes it not as good as it sounds. if you let someone get a 5 second cast off, them healing isnt your problem

    still....800k is a little nuts for a profession perk.

    but forget all that. THAT CORGI!!!! OMFG!!!! i can get a little ein!
    The 5 second cast part is the cast time to apply the tinker to the belt. The tinker itself is probably instant.

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    As a momma to two corgis, I approve! Wow just found my weakness. Now I will have to go to any lengths to get this should it be a companion.

    Only thing I wish they could change is making the ears a little bigger and maybe making him just orange and white. However, I will love it anywho.

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