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    Astral recall, astral shift, first third of Siege themed

    Fits in my book, I love it.
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    It's terrible looking. I guess I'll have to aim for Season 14, now THAT'S a Shaman-esq set!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    It has been like this since WotLK.
    Cataclysm had lots of class themed sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murderdoll View Post
    Cataclysm had lots of class themed sets.
    MoP also has one but it's challenge mode sets. The point is Blizzard has been design a lot of tier sets after raid/xpac themes rather than class theme since WotLK. There were some in TBC and Vanilla but most of them were based on class theme.

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    Thank god for transmog(again) only shammy set i liked thusfar from mop is the challengemode set.

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    Looks like a mage set, yay for transmog.

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    What is it with Shamans? They always get the best set. Time to xfer mine and make it horde once more. Eugh!

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    another titan inspired set, everyone should be excited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aezral View Post
    Astral recall, astral shift, first third of Siege themed

    Fits in my book, I love it.
    Those are more based around astral projection which is more a spiritual thing, you know, Spirit Wolves, Spiritwalker's Grace, Ancestral Guidance or whatever, I play enhance, i dont know my healing spell names, its just green hand, and other green hand. The point is shaman while also being in tune with the elements also have strong ties with the spirit world and their ancestral spirits, which kind of ties in with the element of life/5th element stuff. But this does not fit that role.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    MoP also has one but it's challenge mode sets. The point is Blizzard has been design a lot of tier sets after raid/xpac themes rather than class theme since WotLK. There were some in TBC and Vanilla but most of them were based on class theme.
    They do keep their tier sets themed on the Expansion or raid, but it still has tied in even with Wrath and Cata, and kinda the first two tiers of Mists. T7 remake of T3, still in keeping with themes. t8 World breaker/ulduar badass chunks of floating rock, shaman theme check! chained and showing a more destructive force, ulduar/old god/broken corruption theme check! t9. we dont speak of t9..... t10 Frost witch/ICC Bones of what clearly is a totem animal of the north shaman check. bones of what is clearly a totem animal of the north undead necromancer check. especially with the ghost heads and icicles t11 cata elementium and earth shaman/Twlght Hmmr check, t12 volcano, fire/earth shaman fire realm check, t13 more animal bones, like sometype of badass feral saber wolf with ghost wolf head splosisons, shaman check, and while it was deathwing themed, it was also about mortals stepping up to be epic, and that is like the quintessential shaman set, bones and magic crystals a rare form of earth boom. then you had crazy bird suit with t14, my least favorite, but fire bird phoenix, rebirth starting anew, plus tie in with chi ji is healing, and kinda fire element so shaman and intro to pandaria check, t15 troll spirit animal carving as well has tribal loa priest/shadow hunter masks, shaman and troll check.

    sorry for that indepthitude but seriously every tier of Shaman at without a doubt had a raid tie in but did so without sacrificing the shaman essence with some type of element or spirit connection. This set, while totally lovely and kick ass, does not share those same essential connections. This whole tier has been a little off, the only one I truly feel hit it spot on was the Paladin tier, thats totally badass angel armor, and while Idk how it fits SoO, maybe human champion or something, but it doesnt sacrifce its paladinness and I would much rather have that over losing my classes core theme for some goofy gyroscope shoulders with tiny stars

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    Need to see those shoulders on a male tauren and male orc!
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    Ooh, I'll have mass relays on my shoulders!

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    I could see it being a Draenei shaman set. Not so much of the horde shamans that the others mainly focused on.

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    Omg could this be their first acknowledgement that Draenei exist past TBC?
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    I'm baffled that something this simple can be so hard for some people... I guess we can't blame blizzard for dumbing down the game any longer, because apparently it very much needed :

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    It looks good, just looks more like a mage set imo.

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    bleh, its, ok, but not for a shaman like others said, this is a mage set, not shaman... looks like ill keep my transmorg :/

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    I'm not really sure. The shoulders are pretty cool, I guess, but it doesn't fit a Shaman IMO. As others have said, it looks far too Mage/Arcane based rather than themed around the elements.

    This is so odd. I really can't decide if I like it or not. It fits a more "refined" taste, such as Draenei, so I guess I should be pleased. Spacegoat love?

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    Is it just me or does it look like a mix of the t12+t13 set?

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    Looks good, but definitely does not look Shaman... Looks like a mage set to me. Imo the Druid T16 looks like it should be the Shaman set.
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    It's not bad, but compared to the other sets we've seen? It's great.

    They definitely took the wrong direction art wise with these sets, it is very obvious they went with a titan themed route, when we were expecting an Orcish / Horde themed tier, considered we're raiding Orgrimmar and killing Garrosh.

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