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    2 more arena seasons left means more MoP?

    Some speculation here, seeing as 5.4 is looking like a mid-late August launch and even if blizzard does an unprecedented 16 week season that's still 8 more months of MoP starting in late August would mean a spring launch for the new expansion.

    Or blizzard could be changing how they handle end of the expansion seasons. Instead of making it one really long season (37 weeks for WotLK and 38 Weeks for Cata) they could be breaking it down into two smaller seasons and with the launch of the last season give pvpers ilvl gear that would be around normal raiding gear, instead of right now it being just under LFR gear.

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    Didn't even remember S4 was so short, loved that one. Didn't even remember S5 was so short, hated that one.

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    Chances are 5.5 will be a PvP patch and they will get a new season from there, 5.5 till new expansions.
    And that the next season (14) will only be for 5.4
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    i'm guessing yes there will be 2 more seasons of arena and we will see a filler patch to accommodate a new season. We'll probably find out definitively at blizzcon.
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    If there is indeed going to be a 4th arena season this expansion then there has to be a raiding tier to go with it.
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