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    Who knows, Sylvanas leaving and creating a third faction might just be what WoW needs at this point.
    Its almost generally accepted that we'll face the Burning Legion next xpac, but is another common enemy enough at this point?
    Sylvanas going YOLO (well..) and splitting might be a great xpac side-theme.

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    *Surrender all Eastern Kingdom lands and outposts/villages.
    **Horde would keep Tirisfal Glades, Sliverpine Forest, Eversong Woods, and Ghostlands
    **Gameplay-wise Horde would still have access to Booty Bay and Dark Portal. Probably some secret expedition outposts or something along a coast

    Alliance would rebuild Stromgarde and Thoradin's Wall, using Hillsbrad as a DMZ. Continue repopulating E. and W. Plaguelands. Dalaran now parked over ruins of Theramore.

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    Alliance will demand potatoes for all. Orcs discover that Durotar, properly irrigated, is actually superb potato-farming land, and Orgrimmar becomes an agricultural and economical powerhouse through potato sales, allowing them to buy all the resources they need from everyone else, and they become the world's number one potato supplier.

    Then they strike deals with farmers in the Valley of the Four Winds to grow uberpotatoes and the world will never be the same.

    Awesome sig by Elyaan is awesome.

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    Something to do with Sylvanas and a stripper pole in the Stormwind throne room.

    ...what? Alliance players can dream, can't we?

    OK, but seriously, I'd say we'll just ask for reasonable things. For example, we could maybe ask the horde to back out of all the warmongering bullshit Garrosh has been doing. Back off from Ashenvale (while still keeping it contested like before, but without all the horde war machines and military presence there), back off from Gilneas, etc. Maybe give up some supplies and/or labor to help rebuild Theramore, if that's possible.

    I really miss Southshore and would like to see the alliance get it back / cleaned up in some form, but I guess we're pretty far beyond any possibility of that now. I actually think it'd be kinda cool if Southshore becomes a proper Forsaken town, but the Alliance gets to retake Tarren Mill. Then it could kinda be like the old days, but with the alliance and horde protecting opposite towns now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrandron View Post
    Technically silithus doesn't belong to the alliance or the horde, it's been a contested zone for the longest time.
    Zone control and PvP status doesn't mark zone ownership or political boundaries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octavius View Post
    In real life, this one could be a realistic treaty signed by the winner side (and I belive it is still an indecisive outcome). BUT no hordy-boy belives that the occupation of their capital, the disgregation of their leadership, the big losses of their prime-race/their elite fighting force and the defeat in Pandaria means they've lost, so you can't absolutely say the alliance can ask any sort of retribution for the war.
    The main problem with the reparations idea is you've got over 3/4 of the Horde on your side. Stuff like the Treaty of Versailles happened in absence of over 3/4 of Germany siding with the Allied Powers, which is why any comparison to such doesn't float.

    Defeating the enemy nation, but then turning around and demanding the rebels that were on the same side you were fighting on pay for what they were rebelling against just makes the Alliance look like complete jerks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    Defeating the enemy nation, but then turning around and demanding the rebels that were on the same side you were fighting on pay for what they were rebelling against just makes the Alliance look like complete jerks.
    Is a treaty like Versailles really the best example? That treaty didnt work out very well...............
    You cant heap scorn and humiliation upon a defeated faction and say its in the name of friendship and peace
    We have faced trials and danger, threats to our world and our way of life. And yet, we persevere. We are the Horde. We will not let anything break our spirits!"

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    Exactly what's fun about Versailles: It allows for future BlueVSred combat in 2 or 3 xpacs.

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