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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    They tried this in Cataclysm and millions of players left. That's the problem with challenging 5-man Heroics.
    And 5 mans was the reason subs dropped? That is like saying that the reasons subs dropped in MoP is pet battles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    If it's a horrible design idea, why is is so popular?
    Dont mistake participation/completion with popularity. Just check this thread

    MoP heroics recieved 1.41% of the votes. Now, considering the amount of people that probably made their first character in MoP, that is just terrible. Cataclysm entry heroics was 1200% more popular than the current MoP heroics. That is data supported by a community poll with almost 1000 votes.

    I see this way to often in threads like these, so many people mistake people doing something for it being good. I recently leveled up a druid as restoration and I leveled in dungeons since I completely hate quest and pvp leveling. Dungeons is atleast somewhat bearable... atleast as dps and tank. Leveling as a healer I found out just how boring it was. The amount of dungeons spent talking with the other people in the dungeon about how shitty they are cant be counted on two hands. Yet, we are still doing them, even though we all hate them, since they are the path of least resistance, the easiest and fastest way to level up.

    Heck, just check monkey runs, how many people are constantly spamming monkey runs (even though I dont understand why, since mantid grinding is 200% faster leveling)
    Do you think all those people leveling with monkey runs think they are a great concept and a ton of fun? No, they do it because it is easy with a high reward.

    Just picture this as a real life example. Think if the international commitee for marathons, yeah, I just made that up but bet something like that exists, suddenly decided; 'Hey! We are gonna reduce the length of a marathon from 42195 meters to 4219.5 meters, or from 26 miles to 2.6 miles for you mericans.
    The amount of people that would complete the marathon would significantly increase, however, would it be better? Just because more people completed it, does it mean it was better?

    While having those shorter races is smart, there is no need for a marathon to be one either, there are other races that are shorter if you like those shorter races, you dont need to sign up for the marathon.

    In the same way, WoW do not really need any more mindnumblingly stupidly easy content, there is enough of that to go around. If you are into that, go do that content then. What WoW is lacking is content that is actually challenging and encourages players to develop, not regress.

    Also, find it kinda relevant to this subject that while writing this post I was actually in a 5 man heroic healing. I had my browser set to always on top so it was over my WoW, covering about 90% of my WoW, and I just had follow on the tank the entire run, taking a break in typing whenever people went low and just casted a heal every 10 seconds.
    When you can afk yourself through content, that to me is just plain bad design. If rewards require no effort, people are gonna continue expecting rewards for no effort, causing a very dangerous downward spiral of the quality of the game.
    I really should not be sitting on forums while healing a dungeon, I should be healing, but I dont have to so I am.
    Volun-told - A supposedly optional event, award, assignment, or activity in which a person (or persons) are required to attend either by persons-in-charge nominating them or their peers expecting them to be there. The individual often has no say in the matter, and non-attendance in frowned upon.

    I am so tired of seeing terrible people, being admired, for being terrible people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by syar View Post
    But subscription numbers were increasing back then as I can remember.
    The sub numbers fell from 12m to around 10m! How is that increasing?

    Quote Originally Posted by syar View Post
    After all thats how you see the lore now so obviously people will do it. And judging by my experience its not healthy for WoW, since it makes you feel you have seen everything. Even if I had time to raid normal I don't like the idea that I've pre-seen all in a god mode version and got same looking gear from it.
    You have seen everything if you run LFR. The carrot for Normal is higher item level gear (character progress). The stick is guild politics. Guess which one is stronger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    The sub numbers fell from 12m to around 10m! How is that increasing?
    I began looking for actual information and data on the subject and found this:
    12 million is the wrath peak , and now we are down to 8,3 or something which is in fact a big decrease. The number fluctuation experienced BC wasn't that big and drastic. My opinion is that wrath's giant increase can be explained by the Lich King's importance in the WoW universe.

    You have seen everything if you run LFR. The carrot for Normal is higher item level gear (character progress). The stick is guild politics. Guess which one is stronger?
    I see that but its not that big of a motivation for a lot of people. You even get the same looking set from LFR so its basically: you can play without thinking/socialising/beeing mentaly present/ investing no time in it and get X, or you can think/socialise/be skilled/ invest time in the game and you get X +10 item levels. Thats not at all encouraging for people to be engaged with the game , it encourages you to play for 1 week mess around a little and cause you seen it all you can unsubscribe for months and do it all over. For me it seams thats why guilds are dying out and WoW is loosing subs, however WoW can be still profitable and have a big player base with this model. ( just with bigger fluctuation and less constant players)

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