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    basic campfire samoflange is evul

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    Old Gods, but that's it.

    Most other characters are misunderstood or have reasoning for why they're malevolent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Old Gods, but that's it.

    Most other characters are misunderstood or have reasoning for why they're malevolent.
    Reasons for being malevolent? Like what? What good reason is their to be malevolent?
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    Quote Originally Posted by koawinter View Post

    It is that simple. For mortals, it sure is. Nature cannot be considered evil because it has no will. In order to be evil, a will must have taken root and decided to imbed chaos and destruction on another for the sake of nothing but their decision to make it so. And Azeroth has plenty of good natured individuals. I would argue that Velen is good, that the embodiment of the light is also good. Why? Because they seek nothing but the upliftment of others. How can that not be considered good? They do not seek destruction, they seek peace and prosperity. Also corruption =/ evil, so you really can't say that the Titans consider us evil.
    It seems like for you the question of evil can only be considered in entities that have free will, which i could accept as a premise for separating undesirable elements of the universe that have no free will (i.e. natural disasters, infectious micro-organisms) from undesirable elements of the universe that have the awareness to recognize the consequences of their actions and the power to choose which actions to take or not take.

    Nevertheless you still equate destruction and chaos with evil, which i believe is a mistake. I would only say an imbalance in order/chaos or an imbalance in destruction/creation is undesireable, and therefore any self-aware entity who creates an imbalance in either direction, despite their awareness of the consequences, is evil.

    Velen is great, that's fine. But does Velen seek the upliftment of all? The old gods are organisms as are the humanoids of Azeroth. The old gods were living in Azeroth before any humanoids every came to this planet. Do the humanoids have a right to seek the genocide of the old gods? Do the old gods have a right to seek a genocide of the humanoids? Do we has conscious humanoids have a duty to preserve and uplift the old gods? Are the old gods capable of being uplifted and if not then how is their utter degradation within their control?

    If old gods cannot be uplifted/preserved/saved it only because they are constitutionally incapable of changing, and if that is the case they cannot be said to be in control of their actions, and in that case they cannot be called evil. But if they can be preserved/uplifted/saved then they are not wholly evil, merely misguided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koawinter View Post

    State executions for crimes against others are not evil, they are justice. If x murders y, then by the law of that land (if implemented, and without doubt) then he shall die for his crimes. And just because our society has decided to root for murders (in TV or the past) doesn't necessarily make it right.
    Yeah..but again..we go into the "right" thingy. There are enough cases of people from western countries caught with drugs in asian countries sentenced to death. That is THEIR state law, yet we find it barbaric. Like the state law that cuts of the hands of thieves. But "our" (I should say "your" because we don't have the death penalty) system of sentencing murders to death is justice?

    Sooo..what of the people executed that are proven innocent after their death? Murder by the state I say. But this being inside the justice system makes it right? It must be argued it is evil..but hiding in burocracy You cannot pinpoint the murderer. Everyone is following orders. Everyone is part of the system.
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    One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it's quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one 'acting out' in various ways.
    So, in short: the internet.

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    Who is good and evil all depends on who is in charge.
    Also you can do wrong and not be evil, what matters is motive, and in MY opinion the only truly EVIL motive is greed. And i cant think of a character in wow driven purely by greed.
    sha, just trying to live.
    old gods, trying to be free from the titan's prisons.
    garrosh, thinks he is doing what is best for the orcs
    the legion, they want to wipe out the work of the titans cause they perceive them as wrong.
    maybe the goblin mercenary in SoO are driven by greed so i guess they are evil kinda

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    The Sha's more or less... Sha of hatred - manifestation of hate. I think that's as close as you get... So sha's... Except Sha of Happiness... we like Sha of Happiness! {◕ ◡ ◕}

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    And i cant think of a character in wow driven purely by greed.

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    I'd say the Old Gods.

    But then again, I'm not sure what their intentions are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koawinter View Post
    Reasons for being malevolent? Like what? What good reason is their to be malevolent?
    Misunderstood is a better word, but yes, malevolent.

    Sargeras was once pure good until the deception of the Nathrezim and the darkness he fought consumed him for instance.

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    Sylvanas, Sargeras, Chris Metzen

    Oh, and pretty much every Horde player.
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    Shoni the Shilent.

    One day she will speak. What she says will be so profound and powerfull that all realms will fall under her control.

    You have been warned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    Azshara might be possible, but even she didn't really go full-on crazy until Sargeras came along. The night elves lived pretty peacefully under her rule until then.
    Azshara is like Gul'dan: power-hungry, egocentric, egoistic, not-caring about the fate of anyone else apart themselves; their actions are based on frivolous and utterly egoistical motivations, like becoming a god-like being, sacrificing everything and everyone for achieve these goals.
    Gul'dan and Azshara are probably the only, truly evil characters of Warcraft. Azshara desired herself the coming of Sargeras, she wanted that Sargeras and the Burning Legion would have invaded Azeroth, for all her whismical reasons.

    The fact that Azshara didn't have a "full-on crazy" mode until the mess with the Burning Legion is just a question of lacking of opportunity, this doesn't mean that a character is not evil by the beginning. Even Gul'dan was little more than Ner'zhul's apprentice in the ways of shamanism before Kil'jaeden came along.
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