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    Blizzard files new trademark for Hearthstone

    Blizzard filed a new trademark on 7/7/13, unfortunately not for the new expansion.

    Mark Image
    Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer game software; downloadable computer game software; computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; downloadable electronic games via the internet and wireless devices; interactive multimedia computer game program

    IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; providing computer games that may be accessed via a global computer network; conducting contests online and providing a website for organizing, planning and executing exhibitions and special events between computer game players and interest groups for entertainment purposes; conducting entertainment exhibitions online in the nature of card games for entertainment purposes; conducting card game competitions online for entertainment purposes
    Standard Characters Claimed
    Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
    Serial Number 86003646
    Filing Date July 7, 2013
    Current Basis 44D
    Original Filing Basis 44D
    Owner (APPLICANT) Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 16215 Alton Parkway Irvine CALIFORNIA 92618
    Attorney of Record Rod A. Rigole
    Priority Date February 28, 2013
    Register PRINCIPAL
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    Filing a trademark for Hearthstone after it was announced is discouraging news for us looking for the next expansion's trademark before it is formally announced.

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    TWO years of SoO!

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    Got my hopes up, could have titled it for Hearthstone. >.>

    E: Mods, pls fix it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    TWO years of SoO!

    Screw you!
    I hope we will not end like Lich King and Deathwing, almost 1 year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    TWO years of SoO!

    That was about as funny as your avatar >_>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    Got my hopes up, could have titled it for hearthstone. >.>
    Same here.

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    You got me excited for nothing. fuck you...

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    Reported for a let down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    That was about as funny as your avatar >_>
    qft .

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    Aaaand watch it come back and burn them in the ass when they anounce the expansion without having filed the trademark and then someone snags the trademark.

    But it could mean that the expansion name is something they have trademarked already.

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    Well, I fixed the thread title to be more accurate by adding 'for Hearthstone', then read through the thread and rather than infract nearly everyone for spam, trolling, derailment or other things have decided to simply close it. Really, there's nothing to talk about here and if someone thinks there is, go and post up a thread in the Hearthstone forums.
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