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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycefli View Post
    I didn't know what "FoTM" meant until about...a month ago.

    And I wish I hadn't found out.

    Still haven't a clue as to what FML means, and plan on not finding out.
    FML = fuck my life. probably best you didn't know, bunch of whiners anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dispirit View Post
    I didn't know how the word "gank" came about until there was a post i believe by ghostcrawler a while back that kindly defined it as a sort of abbreviated "guaranteed kill"
    Gank stands for "Gang-up and kill." It's a term that has kind of lost meaning over time because in games like WoW it has long been possible to "gank" 1v1 because of the OP nature of stealth openers and one-shot macros.
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