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    "Madness of Deathwing" Why the hate towards it?

    I seriously don't get it. I thought it was one on the best raids blizzard had ever implemented ( I liked ICC by far with Ruby Sanctum by a close second) I enjoyed it. I liked it cause it was easy and with the introduction to LFR made the loot very accessible, and I found the fights and the atmosphere and the theme of the raid to be pretty unique by itself during that whole expansion. I truly do not understand what the hate from it is about.

    So I would like to hear your thoughts about it. What did you think of Madness of Deathwing?
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    Because we had an epic battle against Deathwings . . . chin . . . as a boss fight.

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    Madness of Deathwing... should have had us riding on Drakes like vs Malygos, would have been WAY more epic. Instead we got an add control fight where you have to kill his appendages. Get real Blizz.

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    Because there was no actual boss, but A LOT of very awkward and monotonous trash. Spend quite a time killing trash on one platform - rinse and repeat 5 times, 5th time gives you a bit different trash to kill though. Oh and if you wiped on 4th, 5th platform - you had to do it all over again.

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    Simple. Everyone hated the Madness of Deathwing since Deathwing was the final boss. Instead the second to last boss (where you fight adds on his spine) was harder then the final boss. It turned out to be nothing but an add fight. When people say the Madness of Deathwing they mean the fight. They say DS = Dragon Soul, the raids name, when they mean the whole raid. Either way, was still a dull raid. Near the end, nearly every heroic mode in that instance had at least 1 bug. Blizzard showed that they didn't care near the end with the lack of any form of up keep to ensure a bug free raid.

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    No offense man, but hearing that you think Ruby Sanctum was a close second, I can't take it seriously, but I'll try.

    I think that Madness was just way to boring and had terrible mechanics for a xpac final boss. It was a incredibly tragic end to a great character. The fight is just poor, with the main mechanic being DPS one of his maws until it falls so we can swap platforms and kill the other maw and so on.

    Way to tedious and FAR away from something exciting seeing it was an endboss. It was just way too stationary and more of a DPS run than a real endboss.

    It might me just me, but I think that even Ultraxion was more exciting than Madness. lol - Brazillian metal with a hint of stoner/doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebsmash View Post
    Madness of Deathwing... should have had us riding on Drakes like vs Malygos, would have been WAY more epic. Instead we got an add control fight where you have to kill his appendages. Get real Blizz.
    Why does blizzard need to "get real", care to explain?

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    The theme was great. Dragon aspects helping you fight Deathwing as he's in the Maelstrom as a giant chaotic monster. Amazing.

    What wasn't great? 100-80% was the same was 100-20%. The mechanics were just repeated over and over, there was nothing new really thrown in until the last phase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantos View Post
    Simple. Everyone hated the Madness of Deathwing since Deathwing was the final boss. Instead the second to last boss (where you fight adds on his spine) was harder then the final boss. It turned out to be nothing but an add fight.
    People greatly disliked Spine too, because it was also add fight, no actual boss. Having another add fight without actual boss after it was just very anticlimactic.

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    The raid or the fight?

    As a raid, my problems with it were:
    -Incosistent trash. Some bosses had none, there was a ton when you first walked in. Some, like the trash before Ultraxxion, was just simply annoying (not difficult, just annoying)
    -Too few bosses (minimum 10 for a good raid, preferably 12+; DS had only 8)
    -Storyline was not compelling, and did not do justice to Deathwing
    -Not enough interesting mechanics (1st boss was boring, Ping Pong and Storm shaman were kinda cool, but rainbow boss was more annoying than fun to me, Ultraxxion was a Patchwerk fight with a mechanic to kill you if you lag, Gunship was kinda cool, both Deathwing encounters were pretty repetitive (though Spine was far worse)

    Regarding Madness of Deathwing in particular, the concept of the fight wasn't bad; a 5 phase fight where the first four phases are identical, but get harder in a way chosen by the player based on order, followed by a final burn phase. However, for being a fight against Deathwing, it sucked. We didn't actually fight him, just some random corruption he bled on us while we hacked at his claws and wings... it's a case where, for me, the mechanics of the fight might have been very fun for me if it were a different encounter, but knowing it was the penultimate fight against Deathwing sucked a lot of the fun out.

    Edit: And I do think up to 3 minutes per phase on Madness was a bit much.... it lets everyone use 3 minute cooldowns, but I think 1.5-2 minutes would work a bit better. The long fight was appropriate for the final fight of the tier/expansion, but since I wasn't fond of it in that slot and would like to have seen it earlier, I think it would have needed shortened as a consequence.

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    It never felt like we were fighting deathwing to me... All I saw was a bunch of tentacles and it felt like trash rather than a boss. Same goes for spine.

    It was ok but for the final boss of an expansion (or even just the final boss of a tier) I expect something special and epic.

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    Because it just cemented the level of laziness that was synonymous with that entire expansion in terms of direction, boss fights, and the game in general. MOP seems exactly the same to me, especially compared to BC and Wrath, but ya know, to each his own opinion.

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    When the previous tier had Ragnaros 25 HC as the final boss of the tier, I cannot even begin to explain how lackluster Madness was. Ragnaros was intense, hard and really made it seem as if he was super powerful. Death wing was really just chilling in the Maelstrom with tentacles roaming about. He just seemed.. weak.

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    There wasent much hate for Dragon soul when it first came out,I think the reason most people hate it was because it lasted for a year.

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    Well if you liked RS then I doubt anybody can explain why the masses don't like horrible raids with long fights with boring mechanics.
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    This is a troll right?

    Liking Ruby Sanctum and youre going to say ToC was a game changing experience.

    The whole fight was crap, both Madness and Spine. Spine was nothing more than a glorified add phase and Madness felt like we were fighting 4 bigger adds.

    The raid was nothing more than a snooze, mechanics were simple, there was very little trash to the pacing was off. The whole raid was a joke and the Deathwing fight capped it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebsmash View Post
    Madness of Deathwing... should have had us riding on Drakes like vs Malygos, would have been WAY more epic. Instead we got an add control fight where you have to kill his appendages. Get real Blizz.
    If Deathwing was a vehicle fight I would have killed myself.

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    The raid itself was boring, the boss fights were boring. It was a really lame raid. The final boss was way too long without any of the phases having any substantial difference aside from the last phase, which even then was pretty boring. I got tired of it about a month in, usually it takes me at least 4+ months for me to get tired of any raid. It reused wyrmrest temple and some places from dragonblight, both of which I have disliked ever since I first saw them. In short pretty much EVERYTHING about the raid was bad, from mechanics to aesthetics.
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    Last boss of the expansion is Deathwings toenails and a bunch of goo he spews at us. The raid pretty much just reused scenarios that were already in the game, most bosses feel kinda out of place, Zon ozz and Yor saj are just there for no good reason (blizz crapped two maw of madness there just for the sake of having 2 deep ones as bosses), Hagara (whos just a completly random orc shaman btw) is binding her time preparing a trap in the focusing Iris that she somehows knows we gona need even tough we just realise that 1 sec before fighting her and Blackhorn is another dude that comes completly out of the left field and makes no sense at all to be the 6th boss (you killed 2 deep ones, 1 crazy shaman, 1 giant earth elemental and Ultraxion who is a badass - ye the fight is patchwerk but he is a badass lorewise if you loose the fight he basicaly blows up the world - and somehow a giant tauren is suposed to be stronger than them all ?)

    And it has the worst conceived encounter ever, Spine of DW. Ye it was hard on heroic but it was also retarded if you happened to be a DPS, youd spend half the fight not doing damage so you dont screw up the time of the kills and then when the tendon was exposed you had 20 secs to go nuts and burst like there no tomorrow, only catch was, some classes burst way better than others, theres was very little a player could do if his class sucked at burst damage. Anybody who cals spine a DPS check is delusional, that fight was a burst check (the only 1 I know in the game), you could have the worse suistaned DPS on the planet if you could burst liek a God youd be picked everytime for H Spine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hordeslayer View Post
    Why does blizzard need to "get real", care to explain?
    Because both fights are add control and killing a part of him. This guy is supposed to be a HUGE dragon badass and they reduced him to some adds and a few plates of metal and appendages. The fight as a whole was underwhelming. This is only my opinion.

    How I always wished the fight would happen:

    Deathwing makes his assault on xxx and you gather at the front gates OR docks to fend him off, surrounded by alliance/horde npcs somewhat like Mount Hyjal, but more epic with catapults and seige engines and so on.

    Phase 1: You are teleported inside Deathwing with a magical force field around you reducing damage, you hack and slash away at his heart while dealing with intense raid wide damage and a few adds.
    Phase 2: He senses you are there and makes evasive maneuvers which create a side to side motion inside his body filling each side that dips with his boiling blood (this blood if caught in it is an instant death) and you have to avoid the blood. All the while still hacking and slashing at his heart, and dealing with adds (mostly the blood blob kind) and intense raid damage.
    Phase 3: His power is about to overload and plates start popping off him and you are teleported out to the ground, he lands and you take the battle from there as all of the aspects are tanking him and dealing damage at the same time. Right here it's a dps race, he will overload if you can't kill him in time and when he does it's a wipe.

    Each Aspect will imbue you with some kind of power in and out of Deathwing, for Healers you will get mana regen, dps will get a chance to cause x elemental damage on striking and tanks will get some kind of health boost.

    Anyway this is how I wished it turned out, you may not agree but it sounds cool to me.

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