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    Does Aeonaxx despawn if not engaged for a certain time period.


    So say aeonaxx spawns on a dead server where no one is around how long does he stay up if not engaged?
    Does he despawn after 10 or something like time lost?

    I looked around but couldn't find info on this kinda of despawn, but stuff about dc and dying.
    So if anyone knows thanks in advance.

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    No he not despawn. He despawn only after raiding him up.
    He shares spawn with another NPC - Bat Blood Seeker. For more info check http://findaeonaxx.blogspot.com/
    Speculation that shares also with Xariona (not confirmed)

    Confirming that when someone is not able to kill Aeonaxx (low lvl low geared) and will be killed by him after raiding him Up. Aeonax will despawn. You must wait another 20 hours for new spawn.

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    oh so if spawned and no one touches him he stays up till someone does
    it would just make it easier for overnight camping esp when nobody logs in to deepholm till around 9 or 10 in the morning

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    Remember the CRZ, you don't see other realms on your /who, so the zone might stil have people in it, even if you don't get any on a search.
    Anyway, if you think you can just log on at like 6, and no one has been on since he spawned at, lets say 3. Then your mistaken.
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    This Mount.. Only thing i wanted in game when i first seen it so I camped it with a few friends for three days (No sleep) And when i say camped i don't mean sitting in one spot waiting for NPC scan either we flew around the spawn points as it can spawn on one and fly around in a small circle. I never seen it spawn i later found a post that the spawn for this rare was bugged on Lightbringer and would be fixed soon needles to say i was already a bit loose around the edges this almost caused me to have a mental breakdown after three days flying around in circles. Two of my friends stayed up with me most of the time trolling that it was hiding behind the piller lol'ing at me i was not impressed. I had thought about giving it another go since i moved realm to Draenor but since CRZ in MOP what is the point id only see it spawn on my realm to lose it to some noob that spends 5 mins jumping between realms like i have seen with TLPD many times.

    As far as i can remmeber back then it would spawn and either fly around his spawn area or fly around the pillar and does not have a set spawn duration however if you die while trying to kill it you will have to wait for another spawn. Good luck with finding it just make sure it is not bugged in any way before you start i wish i had.

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    i play on an eu realm that has no crz
    it is a dead server pretty much an rp server.
    so past a certain time there is literally no one online in deepholm. so it could spawn and be uninterrupted till the morning.
    it would just be disheartening if it despawned from no one engaging after a certain time period.

    seems everyone knows of bloodseeker despawning after a few seconds, but wondered if any would know the same info about the dragon

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    Rare npcs generally despawn if not killed within a certain time frame. But with crz it's high unlikely they don't get killed.

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