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    PTR Premade Characters?

    Thought about checking some things on the PTR this go around, haven't really messed with it heavily since late Wrath, but I can't seem to find any information on premade character copies.

    Do they not exist yet?
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    You can automatically create premade characters on the PTR, you do not need to log out and wait 20 minutes to get a free premade. You also have unlimited amounts of premades.

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    It's all automatic now. Not the awful limited system they had in the past.

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    you make a premade on the character select screen now. it's really awesome, just wish they would go back to giving you the full gear when you log in. there are gear vendors at the shrine you start at, and at the valor vendors at niuzao temple.

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    What's the current gear with premades atm?

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    the gear you come with is heroic blues. the gear you can buy is the new pvp gear and the gear i get from the pve vendor has the same model has ToT gear, but it's stats were a good deal higher than the gear from last ptr.

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    Oh sweet. I'll go ahead and run the installer, then!
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    I think it's kind of silly that they put the PvP gear vendor in a safe zone, but the PvE gear vendor in an area open to PvP.

    The PvE server went down for a minute and I didn't feel like waiting. Bad choice. XD
    For the record, my avatar image has been "temporary" for years now.

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