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    How many types of PVP armors are there?

    So I know there's honor gear, then there's conquest gear, but then there's 2 more vendors whose wares are locked to me. I know one of them sells only different cosmetics gear, but what does the other one sell? Does he sell conquest gear even better than the one that's unlocked to me? Thanks.

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    Pretty sure that after the conquest gear comes the "elite" gear of the season, which you need X amount of rating for, as well as the previous conquest items to turn in and upgrade. If you have atlasloot, check the current pvp tier and look at the requirements for the best set.
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    One of those vendors sells elite gear. The other sells conquest gear for honour points if you've earned 27k conquest this season.

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    Is the Elite gear better than the first tier conquest gear? I'm almost in full honor gear on my rogue and I have around 370k hp, and I'm looking at the Conquest gear now and it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better, if there's even ANOTHER tier with better stats after that /wrists.

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    Conquest gear is the best. The "elite" gear is the same stats, just with different colours.

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