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    Was anticipating a poll... I am dissapoint.

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    I really don't care since they are only cosmetic.

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    I usually don't do a lot of hating or complaining, but seeing the price of these helmets really tipped the scale for me in my decision to stop playing WoW.

    So I've frozen my account and uninstalled the game. Not in anger or rage, but in a very thought-through decision. I don't want to support what Blizzard is doing and where they are going. I feel like they've completely lost their way.

    I feel this way about all of their games, even Starcraft. HotS was way too easy (finished it on Brutal easily, something I didnt manage with WoL and still havent) and Diablo 3 was a complete disaster.
    Hearthstone only continues this terrible trend, by being a game completely based on microtransactions. I don't support that, so I made a choice. I have a hunch that the pricing in Hearthstone will be pretty bad, considering they've priced 1 helmet to 12 euro. In Guild Wars 2, 12 euro's will get me a lot more than 1 item, and GW2 doesn't even have subscription. Blizzards high pricing is nothing but greed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVLodge View Post
    I recently read the featured content on the front page and noticed the new "Transmoggable Helms" Blizzard store items. I also noticed the utter, as someone else put it, "shitstorm" that was the comment section.

    There appears to be a lot of controversy regarding this topic and 2 main sides to the argument (as to whether the helmets should be there or not) as a whole.

    One side tends to be more passive -
    • Who cares? It is only cosmetic it's not like they are selling tier gear
    • It's your choice to spend money on this and you aren't forced to
    • The cash from this may even help fund the content of the game further

    The other side is more aggressive -
    • WoW is dying! It's a downhill slope from here!
    • Blizzard is wasting time on cosmetic content rather than end-game or leveling content
    • Blizzard and Activision are just being greedy and milking the cash cow further

    So what side are you on in this situation? Or do you have your own unique point of view on the topic? Please do post below your opinions as I am intrigued as to how people are reacting to this as a whole.

    Is this a metaphor of what potentially is to come for blizzard?

    Cheers and thanks for having me on the forums!
    Thats not bias at all

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    Money gained from these will far outclass money put into creating them. A talented team of modellers could put up three such models in matter of hours, while it will likely earn couple million bucks in revenue. Even if just 1% of playerbase purchases any of those three, it's $100k+. And there will be lots of players buying all three.

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    I am taking the side of I don't want microtransactions in a sub based game

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    Quote Originally Posted by vradar View Post
    Those same 4-5 people could instead be making fun/unique xmog items to put in the game instead no? it's not like they are struggling for money they are raking it in, I wouldn't even mind as much if this stuff was actually a reasonable price but no they charge more for a cosmetic helm than games like League of legends would charge for a whole skin or actual champion which is ridiculous.
    Yeah that's my biggest problem with this, the pricing is completely unjustified. They don't need it, at all.

    Me not needing the items doesn't justify pricing them that high.

    Microtransactions in a subscription game is greed, all greed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVLodge View Post
    One side tends to be more passive -
    • Who cares? It is only cosmetic it's not like they are selling tier gear
    • It's your choice to spend money on this and you aren't forced to
    • The cash from this may even help fund the content of the game further
    This... if you don't like it, don't buy it... it's that simple. It won't change the game either way, and Blizzard gets more $$ to put into the game.

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    Don't really care about them. Would like to own it, but 12 Euro is a rip off, IMO.

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    15 Dollars is really steep for just one item especially when compared to other cosmetic gear in MMOs though this whole discussion is gross and overly simplistic. It doesn't impact gameplay a bit and anyone afraid of this turning into raid gear being bought is just outrageous.

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    I really don't care that blizz sells cosmetic items in the store (not a fan of the helms because I personally think they are ugly)

    In all honesty though I wouldn't care if they allowed you to buy your character level gains or even the newest full tier set (just not the heroic version)
    (used to be against it but truth be told gear is more or less disposable these days and it clears blizz just considers normal modes a minor step toward heroics.)

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    The helms look really cool, I doubt i'll spend money on them tho. as for the whole idea of pay2win, I really couldn't care less. Unless the day comes when I need to use real money to buy raiding/tier gear I don't care. Blizz isn't forcing me to spend real money outside of the sub fee, so I can still play the way I want. Earning the gear through farming and grinding raids/reps/dailies what have you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVLodge View Post
    So what side are you on in this situation? Or do you have your own unique point of view on the topic?
    Hm, I doubt my opinion is unique, but I am generally on the "no" side for this. The store has been slowly ramping up in terms of what it's carrying. First pets, then mounts, now boosters and costume gear. Which is harmless enough on its own, if this were a free-to-play game. But being that this game is one of the few remaining subscription-required MMOs out there, this rubs me the wrong way. My opinion is that unless you're a free-to-play game, and dependent on the store for income, store items should simply be shortcuts of exchanging money for time. i.e. the store items should be obtainable in some way through simply playing the game.

    I'm half expecting the next store update to start popping up reminders about daily deals when you log in, or implementing the dreaded "lockbox" scheme. In a way, the store already has "keys" for sale with the purchasable charms. Maybe they'll create some method of purchasing in-game time with money, ala PLEX or REX or Krono.

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    Price is high, but they're simply cosmetic and don't affect gameplay in any way.

    The second Blizz sells anything with stats on it, I'll be upset. But cosmetics? Pets? Mounts? LotRO does it and I don't see folks up in arms.

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    Yea I'll pass on all 3. 15 bucks for -one- is a blatant rip off. 15 bucks for all 3? Maybe. I just kinda see it as a slap in the face given all of the T-16 armor sets are sub par (In my opinion) in design and wow these show up gee, that's nice.

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    The more things Blizzard sells on the store the more money they have, they can then turn that money into new content.

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    I'm on the "I really don't care, it's the same as the mounts and pets - something cosmetic that has no effect on anything other than the visual side - besides I find all the helmets ugly and therefore wont buy them" side.

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    I suppose I'd be on the passive side.
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    Seems already 3100 people volunteer to have one free.

    I'd expect among them is nobody who opposes the shop out of I'll go ahead and count these at least as 3100 "I don't care"
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    If I ran Blizzard I'd have had buyable sets out for years already. Gimme dat $$$$$$$
    Quote Originally Posted by Kektonic View Post
    It's not even anger. It's disappointment. I'm past the point in this game where I even allow myself to be angry at anything Blizzard does. I'm disappointed that a company who used to be at the forefront of quality game design and attitude have now joined the dregs of the rest of the AAA game industry basically shitting out whatever cash grabs they can sucker people into before interest in a franchise completely dies out.

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