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    Who is someone you regularly armory?

    Hi all!

    I used to play rogue and had several folks I would regularly armory (RIP Aldriana) to make sure I wasn't making a stupid reforge etc. I know the jist of my class as a whole but who is your go to? Sorry for stupid post lol...

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    Never checked a person on armory more than a few times.

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    myself and very rarely a guildie.

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    not anyone tbh.

    unless its needed ofc

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    On Icecrown I used to check a Prot warrior named Goldy. Apparently Goldy hasn't played since 12/31/12, I am almost caught up gear wise.

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    my monk while importing stats in zephyrus .'D

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    myself and people with cool transmog in their signatures.
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    No one.
    Don't "armory" people to get information on stat and gear choices. Use tools like SimCraft and reforge calculators.

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    Anticide(Reckful) for tips on gems and enchants for pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmennare View Post
    On Icecrown I used to check a Prot warrior named Goldy. Apparently Goldy hasn't played since 12/31/12, I am almost caught up gear wise.
    <3 Goldy

    He used to be my GM, until Blades broke up obviously.

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    I occasionally, look up Landsoul and Soy. Landsoul mostly cause he typically does some experiemental stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfriend View Post


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    If you dont know why someone is doing what they're doing why would you copy them ?
    If you know why someone is doing what they're doing, why would you look them up to begin with ?

    Tho, I've begged eddy to have a look at my logs and help dps, still no rank 1 for santa... bad eddy

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    My own. I don't really look at anyone else unless it's a guildie that is running a spec I haven't tried yet.
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    It used to be Paragon members back in Cata + WOTLK just to see what they were doing, however seeing as I was 10m, it didn't really apply usually (tanking mainly).

    Now it's mainly Method, but purely to see if they're doing roughly the same thing and I like to keep up with stuff.
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    Armory the people I'm fighting in 2s (like a boss)

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    I quite frequently armory myself to make sure that most of my stupidity can't be seen by others on my armory page.
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    I used to look up the most popular warrior tanks during their progression to get some extra ideas but nowadays i feel confident enough to make my own mistakes

    And of course i googl... err armory myself all the time.

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    Myself and a few friends and only for achievement and stats when I am away from my WoW computer.

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