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    personal attacks.

    why is it personal attack? for saying he cant read?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sells View Post
    In your opinion, its not killing someone. A LOT of people do not agree with you, and you cannot simply say "I am right and you are wrong!" on this issue. It is literally impossible.
    and did i say that? no, so yours is still inability to read

    Miscarriages are beyond anyones control, why would you charge someone with manslaughter? That literally makes no sense either. Comparing them in any way is simply asinine.
    how do you know it is beyond control? if a pregnant women beats herself in the belly and then had a miscarriage you dont think she might have caused it?

    how do you know if wasn't something she ate or drank or smoked? miscarriages often happened by themselves, just like people die by themselves. but we dont investigate them equally, which is fine, but pro-life people dont argue we should, and thats hypocritical

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sells View Post
    This will probably come as a massive shock to people, but republicans are not like the bad guys in a saturday morning cartoon
    well then you should probably tell them to stop acting like it
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    PM Sunshine, posting complaints about infractions here will do no good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
    I do sympathize with these so called terrorist organisations. As far as I'm concerned, at least they are fighting for something they believe in, and for what they see to be the greater good. They're not fighting to line the pockets of statesmen, governors and oil barons. I wish we could the same about the people on this side of the planet.
    Hobbes talking about Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH8472 View Post
    PM Sunshine, posting complaints about infractions here will do no good.
    okay thanks

    but probably good to say that somewhere in the msg

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    I've sent messages over infractions and never even been responded to with a copypaste response.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nelinrah View Post
    Standing up to an enemy she can't possibly defeat is more bad ass than Thrall using his magic penny to turn Deathwing into glitter.

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    As per the forum guidelines, you're welcome to PM a moderator to help clarify an infraction.
    Posting about it isn't the right way to go about it.


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