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    LFR, Auto Kick Healers who Respec to Dps?

    Literally just solo healed Durumu in LFR because all the healers respecced during the ready check. I said afterwards about it and everyones attitude was just "they do good dps and we got the boss down, who cares?" I care, I shouldn't be busting my ass in lfr to keep people healed up. LFR is meant to be casual faceroll. I could easily have caused a full on wipe and there attitude would be entirely different. It sickens me people do this and that they get away with it. Would you like an auto kick feature?

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    The boss died.. So it was OK.
    You didn't like it? You know - you have the power of.. not healing at this point. You could have just let them wipe and then tell "it's cause all healers wend DPS".. You'd see plenty kicks going right away..
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    I don't know what to say. You did good job and therefore your raid were able to kill the boss faster. I don't see a problem there. You could also choose not to heal that much and let raid wipe and then complain about healers who respecced to DPS but you didn't.

    Otherwise yes, I would agree with autokick feature.
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    No, auto-kick would be the beggining of a bad road. Honestly just needs to lock your spec/role as the one you queued as. So priests that go as healer can be disc/holy and druids that go as dps can be feral/boomkin and so on. Overall, i believe most people are hoping that Flex raiding goes well and replaces LFR.

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    While I can see where you're coming from, I'd have to say no. The alternative could've been that you ran with 6 healers and had to stand around waiting for people to heal. You were just unlucky that *everyone* abandoned you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemoBytom View Post
    The boss died.. So it was OK.
    You didn't like it? You know - you have the power of.. not healing at this point. You could have just let them wipe and then tell "it's cause all healers wend DPS".. You'd see plenty kicks going right away..
    unfortunately, with current LFR players, the one healer who actually stayed healer is more likely to get kicked than the players who abused the system.

    but I don't think an autokick solution is the right call here. It sucks, true, but this is only an issue if more than 1 or 2 healers do this. LFR is perfectly healable with less than 6 healers, especially if they're competent.
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    Blizz should make your spec auto change to whatever you que'd as and then disable the ability to change inside LFR.

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    I like the look of the lock feature. I just wanted to get LFR done asap so healed through it. LFR should never feel like your doing a progression boss. As someone said if I had to deliberately heal low and cause a wipe I probably would have been the one kicked. Really hope Blizz adds something to stop this horrible behavior. I can do over 150k as dps pushing 200k sometimes so I think justifying that behavior with high dps is stupid. If I was to go dps spec, would they just kick the lowest dps healer? I don't want to find out, I'd rather something done with it like in BG's after they start you cannot change spec.

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    I like the idea, as I've felt my rage when I've watched groups wipe from too many people entering as a healer but just DPS'ing. However, I don't think it would be a good idea. At the very least I've re-spec'd from a healer to tank while waiting for a second tank to join at the start, we reached the last boss before the second tank joined. It was with the agreement of the group so we could proceed to be fair, but without that we would have sat around doing nothing for 30 minutes+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navitas View Post
    Blizz should make your spec auto change to whatever you que'd as and then disable the ability to change inside LFR.
    I'd sooner see this implemented than an auto kick feature tbh.

    I don't mind healers going to DPS. However, only if the healing is covered without them and if they ask beforehand. Unbelievable that 5 went DPS though, even if Durumu isn't the most strenuous boss to heal. So I feel for you OP I truly do.

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    You simply cant automate that process, as that would take away the chance to go with less healers than intended.
    There are lots of LFR´s where elite players drop in for whatever reason. It would really be awkward to have them go with 3 healers if they are able to soloheal it.

    To the OP. While i see your rage i cant understand it. You should not rage, you should be proud of what you achieved. And in my eyes, while it was an unfair move i tend to go with the american way of watching teh situation what would be:
    You did it, so you were doing it right.

    If i had to guess i´d say you are a german dude, since this is typical german. To moan what would have maybe gone wrong, while you were successful.

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    Whats the problem if you successfully solo'ed? You don't have to brag.

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    I think locking the role is the best option, people join the queue quickly most of the time anyway even if a tank etc leaves. Afterall you can loot specialize nowadays.
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    As an Elemental DPS with one healing trinket and one DPS, I can do perfectly fine LFR healing AND Dps, being in the top 3 or so of both meters. I can only see that as beneficial to the raid.

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    If auto-kicking due to respeccing was introduced, I don't think I would have gotten through a few runs I've done much faster. I just finished a Vault's run because a DPS switched to tank to get us through trash after killing Elegon. That same DPS also stayed tank for Will of Emp as well. Like-wise, I did the same on my DK after we killed Tortos and waited 5 minutes. I think it's best the way it is. If it's a problem, and the group thinks so, then they can kick them the democratic way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navitas View Post
    Blizz should make your spec auto change to whatever you que'd as and then disable the ability to change inside LFR.
    Agreed. Also stops dps queuing as a tank (still happens sometimes...).

    I honestly don't think LFR needs as many healers as it currently requires, though. 4 seems fine in most situations. Its rare for anyone to die due to unavoidable raid damage or tank damage. People die when they make a mistake - and they still blame the healers.

    Altering your role mid-run might be okay though, so long as you're dps switching to either tank or healer when there's a missing spot. DPS join as tank or healer to jump the queue, so there's no personal benefit to doing this - it would be to help the raid out if there's a serious issue slowing it down.
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    I think anyone who goes into LFR should be set to the spec that they queued as in the case of healers and tanks. If they change spec they should be removed and given a debuff if applicable just like bgs if you afk. Let the dps respec though to heal or tank so that you can add onto the tanks and healers if it turns out your group is absolutely awful and vote kick hasn't already fixed the problem for you. People should also be held accountable for being complete douche bags in lfr. That guy that keeps pulling and causing half the group to quit every time it halfway fills? Yeah shouldn't be hard to figure out if hes honestly making mistakes or just being a jerkoff in situations like that.
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    I'm still waiting for the day I see all 6 healers go DPS and no one heals.

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    I often do this now just to get my Alts geared. 30+ min queues for DPS when I can just queue healer and DPS anyway while the other 5 Healers still heal fine.

    suits me fine.
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    I would absolutely love to solo or two-heal LFR. You are one lucky person.

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