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    Which name for my monk: Bubbly, Starry, Exalted, Pyx?

    Hope this isn't the wrong place for silly posts like this! I just got back into WoW in the last few weeks and was curious which of these names sounds best for a MW or WW monk?


    I put in a ticket and requested a long list of interesting and inactive names that I thought sounded cool and these were the few I managed to get. I might put in the effort for the final 7 exalted factions I would need for 'the exalted' title for 'exalted the exalted'.

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    What's the race?

    I'll amend that: is it a Gnome? Because the first two and the last might work for a Gnome maybe (and only a Gnome). The third one's a no.

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    Its simple and I like it.

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    Female gnome monk named Pyxi
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