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    Wow.. so basically rogues get another cloak of shadows? oh well, at least i can still overpower rogues and stuns... so i guess it doesn't effect me.

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    That evasion buff is pretty crazy seems really strong vs melee but they are still going to die in the first stun that they can't trinket imo. I want to see a model for the new Gorehowl weapon

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    If that mend pet glyph is blizzards idea of a joke, then i guess they want our pets to die in 2 seconds. :/

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    Fire mages get our combustion glyph back/

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    Qian-Ying, Fortitude of Niuzao - Now has Expertise instead of Dodge.

    Are they gonna hotfix the epic verson for exp would be nice.

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    damn wonder were all those pets come from :Q

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    Some of those new minor glyphs look so freakin' cool. I'll be grabbing them on my DK, Mage and Shaman.

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    Those Shaman glyphs look awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolgrim View Post
    Yay, another pvp-related nerf that will impact my (soloing) PvE. Just great.
    And really? What's the point of the new version?
    No one half way competent would EVER take the mend pet glyph in pvp. This has nothing to do with PvP. It's a nerf to soloing. One more nerf in a long line of soloing nerfs (growl, distracting shot, pet intervene, etc).

    Unglyphed : 25% over 10s
    PTR-Glyphed : 25% over 5s but with 10 sec CD so 25% over 10s still

    hehe blizzard, good joke. The glyph is now completely useless. Smart devs.

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    Mage: Turn off pet-attack, Shatter 5 FB's/FFB's, pop all trinkets (or wait for them to proc) deepfreeze/nova, Ice Lance, 1 shot gg.

    Here's hoping the above DOESN'T happen. J/k, probably will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalysun View Post
    Mage: Turn off pet-attack, Shatter 5 FB's/FFB's, pop all trinkets (or wait for them to proc) deepfreeze/nova, Ice Lance, 1 shot gg.

    Here's hoping the above DOESN'T happen. J/k, probably will.
    What? Those attacks bank Icicles which are only 12% of the attack, or 4% less than old Frost mastery was doing, and put them into a dot which is triggered by Ice Lance. How the hell is that gonna be a 1 shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desespoir View Post
    here comes the new set of Discipline nerf.

    This time it's a Home Run with the nerf bat, with Rapture change to not generate mana anymore and Spirit Shell duration nerf by 33%

    Time to go Holy ?
    And yet still encouraging people to smite spam.

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    My DK must have that axe, that model is niiice.

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    Hmm strange change to Frost Mage.

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    With the legendary being cloaks I was really hoping for some cool new icc/DS v3.0 weapons with unique procs even if like the maw of dragon-something was a bit op in dragon soul, still I think they should add in a few weapons with procs because they add in a lot of new fun gameplay. Its the last tier of the expansion so the problem of them being BiS next tier does not matter. Personally I hope Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl is just one of the weapons drops of garrosh and the stats are placeholders that will be replaced with procs in a later build

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    Shaman minor glyphs! Yisssss!

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    Get ready for another glyphmas....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notos View Post
    My DK must have that axe, that model is niiice.
    I couldn't stand to look at it.

    I was so glad to get Gorehowl back in tBC...the Axe of my favorite Orc, and now look at it. It's covered in purple goo with eyeballs......a shell of the mighty weapon that single handedly slew Mannoroth and redeemed Grom of his sins.

    If I get this axe I'll be instantly transmogrifying it back to it's former glory, I'll just claim I "cleansed" it.
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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    Man look at that buff to the caster cloak! Down to 4 secs from 6 secs, and OMG It does 1 damage! 1! Thats amazing!

    Just 1!

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    Not sure how much it will help Rushing Jade Wind, given its main problem is that it is on the same tier as Xuen and Chi Torpedo, not that it sucks. Simply not feasible in many cases to touch it, even for fun.

    In other news, finally some shaman minor glyphs that look fun. Easily the alt of mine that has the worst set of minor glyphs, all categories. :P

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