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    near the river, east of Tarren Mill
    Somewhere in Silver Pine forest
    In the Eastern Plagueland near Darrow Shire,

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    Winterspring probably, get myself a nice cave somewhere

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    Jade Forest, possibly on one of the cliff islands on the coast or at the Anglers Village. Or Grizzly Hills and Amberpine Lodge.

    Also, Kezan, anyone?
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    I have to write more.

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    I'd pick Booty Bay. Easy spot to move around from. Plus its a pretty unique looking town.

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    I immediately thought of Nagrand, on one of the floating islands above the river

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    Definitely Zangarmarsh. Absolutely love that zone.

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    I was thinking the same thing. All the free-range beef you can eat.
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    Vashj'ir - Because everyone hated it.

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    If I only get one, then it'd either be Undercity or Brill. If just two, then one of those and then Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord (my favorite zone in the game). If three, then all three of those. Those are all the necessary ones for my main. Not sure off the top of my head where I'd put more if I could.
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    Probably that abyssal part of Vashj'ir. I was always fascinated by the ocean, especially by the deep sea sea. Just trying to imagine how it would be to live there (alone) is scary and awesome at the same time.

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    Graz (Austria)
    Dun Morogh or Loch Modan (if alliance)
    Mulgore (if Horde)
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    Teldrassil for sure. Secretly I want my main to be a night elf balance druid, and ideally I'd have a little house somewhere in Teldrassil.

    My hopes for player housing are extremely low though, because even if they do add it it will probably be instanced, lame, identical and pointless. Balance mastery has also been the clunkiest bullshit mastery in the game for years now, so very low hopes for that too.

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    Feralas,i just love that area.
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    Lakeshore. It is my favorite town in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haytham View Post
    Ferals,i just love that area.
    Beware druids, that person wants to build on your back.

    I'd build in caverns of time, remote time and space wise, yet so close to anything and any time line through the use of portals.

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    I would build a house on top of the cliff in western Hinterlands, north of Raventusk village.

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    Kind of hard to think of some original places to setup shop. So many good locations though.

    For a pleasent living I would live in Mulgore, but for something of a challenge I would live in the blasted lands. Bring it on DEMON SCUM.

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    Gallywix's pleasure palace

    We can then have swimming pool and barmaids and shit

    Besides its not like gallywix ever uses the place

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    Storm Peaks, probably somewhere near Terrace of the Makers. Cold and remote, would be perfect.

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