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    Raise your hand...if you cancelled your WoW sub today

    *raises hand*

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    And what point does this thread serve exactly? What is there to discus?
    You fucking what mate?
    Quote Originally Posted by Monoxide View Post
    I reported you, btw. Your signature offends me. Hopefully you're forced to change it and get an infraction. I'm going to follow your posting habits and given enough time I'm sure I can report you to the point of a ban. We'll see how you like it.

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    No one cares.

    Also, I'm fairly sure these threads get locked and infracted.

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    inb4 lock

    Why would I have?

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    I dont have hands you asshole!
    Why read words when we can kill stuff the words tell us about?
    You have dreamed of death, you thought to escape it. Now, my little puppet, death is all you will ever know.

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    Oh my, another loss. You're post, bigmac, has swayed my entire viewpoint on the game, and I will follow in your actions by unsubscribing.

    Is this what you wanted?

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    Closing this pointless thread

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