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    Realm transfer question -- moving items/gold for friends

    If a group of friends have started playing on another server, and one of us were to do a paid character transfer from the server we used to play on, is there anything against the rules about carrying gold/items for them as well as my own? I'm worried it will look like a suspicious transaction of some kind to Blizzard and I'll end up arguing with customer service. It's just me and two friends. Anyone had any experience with that?

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    Depending on the level of the character you want to transfer, there's a max gold limit on how much you can carry.
    lv10-30 | 300g
    lv31-50 | 1,000g
    lv51-70 | 5,000g
    lv71-80 | 20,000g
    lv81+ | 50,000g

    There seem to be no restrictions on items at all. Bring over whatever you can carry on your bags.

    I've done several transfer and have no problem at all.

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