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    Steam summer sale question

    Well, long story short, this year I thought I'd start buying games instead of pirating them (yeah, I know, I'm a douchebag) because, well, I honestly didn't have the money to buy them before. So far I'm loving this steam summer sale and I thought about buying Skyrim legendary edition. It's now 40% off, any idea if it'll go any lower than that? Cause if it's gonna drop to like 75%, I'm gonna be all over it.

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    it's 40% off of an already lowered price, so keep that in mind. If you see a sale in flash sales or daily sale, you won't see it lower at any time during the summer sale.

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    Most of the time when an item is on a flash or daily sale its not going to get any cheaper. Also, you could of just asked in the steam summer sale thread instead of making a new one.

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    Ok, I see. Just bought it. Even 40% off is pretty much a steal. But the scotsman in me is always looking for better deals.

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    The rule of steam, is only buy if it is a flash sale, a community's choice, or it is 75% or higher.
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    So, this has nothing to do with WoW.

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    There's a pretty big discussion going on this in the VG section: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...arts-11th-July

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