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    My main is a paladin "Grand Crusader" but out of the server first raid kill titles i am only missing Nax and OS I have EoE both Ulduar and that.

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    I wish I would have tried for "the Undying" back in Wrath. I would rock that all day long.

    I'm going to start grinding for "Seeker of Knowledge", though. Of the titles I'm aware of, it's my fave.

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    Blood Guard.

    Why? >>>> because of this guy (no it's not my toon, just love the name/title):

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    Scarab Lord for those that got it in Vanilla or the Insane pre Darkmoon dailies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vvulf View Post
    Blood Guard.

    Why? >>>> because of this guy (no it's not my toon, just love the name/title):
    Lol, ewww! But awesome

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    Hand of A'dal, Champion of the Naaru, Rank 1 PvP titles before the win-trading made them a joke, Death's Demise, Grand Crusader and Light of Dawn before gear made them trivial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Most prestigious title overall: Herald of the Titans

    Most prestigious titles i have: Herald of the Titans, the Insane, Zookeeper.
    herald isn't any thing special now a days. You can 7man it easily with the new talents :/ ifthat

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    Lost my Gladiator title , so Hero of the Horde i guess?

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    Light of Dawn or Crusader are the only ones I hold dear to my beloved Paladin. I would kill for Grand Crusader. My most prestigious overall is Savior of Azeroth.

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    My favorites are in order: Herald of the Titans (done in Wrath), Salty (took me FOREVER to catch a rare), Chef (first one I got that took a lot of effort, done as soon as it was possible), Insane (post shendralar).

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    One that i actually own is The undying. Not super prestigious but you can't get it anymore :P

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    Scarab Lord, Hand/Naaru, Wrath unobtainables, Seeker of Knowledge, Salty

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    Realm first titles and Scarab Lord.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Most prestigious title overall: Herald of the Titans
    This title was cheesed before Cataclysm with the stat inflation patch, and there was a bug where if you killed him fast enough at lvl 90 in any gear you got the achievement. I find it rather cheap now tbh.

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    Scarab Lord

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    For me;

    Realm First herbalist in Wrath
    Immortal from wrath
    Blood guard on my shaman

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    Zookeeper is cheesy sounding, but it was the first thing I really went for in the expansion (up to guardling, of course) and I wear it on the character that was the pet collector before we even had Pet Battles. I think it is only prestigious to those of us that pet battle.

    That being said, I also like Battlemaster and Khan, since it is a grind with achievements twinded in.

    My roommate just got Hand of A'dal a couple months ago... while smashing those places as a geared 90 lol so meh on most of those "just go get it" titles.

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    the camel-hoarder would be mine!

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    I love my rogue with Hand of A'dal, my Priest with The Immortal and my Druid with Savior of Azeroth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    Hand of Adal
    The Immortal
    Champion of the Naaru
    use to put scarab lord with these until a bunch of people xferred for it.

    old server first titles "can" be prestigious or you "could" have gotten it from a dead server in which case it wouldn't mean as much

    but anyway I think immortal sounds the coolest also thought I was a bit disappointed how long they let people go back to get the achieve in tiers later (yes I know others feel differently and that's cool)

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