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    I think mine would be Loremaster. I always wanted to get it and when I knew that there would be new quests with Cataclysm I decided to do it, I hated BEM and doing Kalimdor as Alliance, but I got it done!
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    Gladiator, despite all flavor of the months, broken items and and general overpoweredness it still takes a lot of insight and dedication to get.

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    Dragonslayer or Immortal. Dragonslayer for being a badass sounding title (and fitting for most expansions!), and also because we got the Sinestra kill as server first. Immortal because it was a hard title to get, and only for limited time.

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    Mine would be The Seeker
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    The only titles off the top of my head that catch my attention are the insane and scarab lord. I don't really notice much though.

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    ambassador (with silk cloth (in begin of wotlk)) and Zookeeper <3

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    I'd love to have Scarab Lord, Death's Demise and the Celestial Defender.

    If I just started playing earlier....

    For now Insane will do it for me.

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    Mine is Death's Demise by far.

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    Loremaster (pre-Cata) on a DK.

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    My FoS Stone Guard title is most dear to me. Though I'm bitter I never got the Blood Guard title back then (I have the new one, but it's not the same).

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    Really? You think getting bronze is hard lol

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    Gladiator due to the amount of individual skill it requires.

    My guild was working on immortal and our ret pally facerolled and pulled aggro on sind and we never tried again. :'(
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    Immortal would be mine because I was trialed on an Immortal run in my current guild.

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    Dragonslayer, My God I love that title so much!

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    My druid enjoys Guardian of Cenarius, quite fitting and was fun to get :] Bonus points for Raven Lord mount (it was a pain in the ass to get!).

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    8/9 realm best CM times on US-Mal'ganis on my mage. And my old Gladiator title on my warrior.

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    I dont attach prestige to titles.

    I like Starcaller though. And The Love Fool.

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    I don't really see many as all that prestigious, although I haven't seen anyone with The Immortal in a while now.
    Honestly I think the best titles are the ones that fit well with the character names. Some of the people that make their names to fit with certain titles make me giggle.

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