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    What is this set?

    Hey, this is my first thread ever, so if im in the wrong forum sorry!

    My question is... What is this set and does it even exist in game? - http://wow.blizzgame.ru/gallery/draenei-mage-3/
    I have a draenei mage which i would like to look like that!

    Thanks in advance!

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    wowroleplaygear . com /2011/05/07/magisters-recolour/

    I think? That's the closest I could find. Sorry for broken up link - made a new account recently for MMOC
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    It looks like it alot! Do you have any idea about the weapon aswell?

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    www . wowhead. com/item=31036
    www . wowhead. com/item=25175
    www . wowhead. com/item=28604

    probably as close as you'll get

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    I'm not clicking a link called "blizzgame.ru"

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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealeck View Post
    I'm not clicking a link called "blizzgame.ru"
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    For the Robe I would think it is a bit more revealing Variant of the Tier 2 chest: http://www.wowhead.com/item=16916#

    NMX- already posted the proper staves, I'll give you the links for convenience:




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    Thanks all for your help!!

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