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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    With the "chariot" being an oversized Observer.
    Or a scale replica of a hollowed out skull of guldan

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    Interestingly enough, Meta-form already has a flying animation. Just have a priest cast levitate on you. It awesome looking! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViridianCC View Post
    Don't you Warlocks ever get sick of your devs pandering to 12 year old weaboo fantasies of power?

    My Ignore list has a disproportionately high amount of Warlocks because so many of them want to RP with those retarded demon wings ("Lol wut's lore im sephiroth xD desu")
    Now to be fair, I do say "desu" a lot on my warlock.

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    Funny part is, Dark Apotheosis (both versions, fel and normal) are made to fit the player's model animations and they include flight animations. Sadly, devs didn't do anything with that yet. We can hope?
    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Well it's good to see the keyboard activists in full effect. Doing the laziest, most asinine thing they could think of off the top of their heads and calling it justice while making no difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by C9H20
    Blizzard effectively wants to have its cake and eat it too by pretending to have this groundbreaking war in a faction capital while at the same time being completely unwilling to portray logical consequences of such an event.

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