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    4 years? :S Grats.

    I was trying to catch a rare fish for the Salty title and caught this mount. That was at the start of WotLK and after like 15k fishes I gave up and never caught that rare fish which was the only achievement I had left to finish to get the Salty title.

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    Congratz young Shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post

    sorry i had to share my hapiness !!!!!!
    Very nice. It didn't take me four years, but to get the salty achievement while trying to catch a rare fish in northrend during Cata I did stumble upon this. Was a little disappointed when I found out the Pandaren turtles were very similar.

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    gratz on ur turtle, I remember how happy i was when i fished my turtle up

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    I was so incredibely lucky with that one. Back at the start of cata I was waiting for my group to make their way to lost city of tol'vir so I just started fishing outside the entrance out of boredom. 3 casts and I caught it (:

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    Grats! Nearly had a heart attack when I got mine.

    Now if that damn vial of the sands recipe would drop...
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    first day they patched it in, 6th cast. yeah RNG was my friend in Wrath.

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    congrats man, that elusive mount is still dodging me

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    Wow even your little turtle pet is happy for you lol.

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    Congrats; I fished up mine literally 2mins before my train departed from the station....and I need around 5mins to get to the station ;-)

    So got the little fellow and went off like a rocket.

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    I feel bad now, got mine day on release on second cast :S

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    Grats, I still need this one

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    Congrats! It's one of my favorite mounts, even if it IS slow.

    I remember farming for it. It only took me a month or so, but fishing was ALL I did on that character.
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    Nice grats! I remember fishing that up and yelling. My wife still makes fun of me for how long I sat and fished during wrath...

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    Those turtles sure look happy too :P

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    those small turtle pets have such a contagious smile (weird). And grats

    (Offtopic: I'm not a native speaker so i googled if you could say 'contagious smile' in english. Fourth hit on google: Apparently it works with small polygon turtle smiles as well)
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    I got mine in 1 hour. Not joking, wasn't even really trying. My old roommate still skulks about it now and then on vent (he has still yet to get it.) Gratz to you and everyone else who's gotten him.

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    Yikes...i don't have that kind of energy (just enough to solve about a 100 Tol Vir for the bugmount)
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    Gz!!! Makes me quezy thinking about farming it myself, dont think it will happen

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