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    Exclamation Looking for like-minded people who like to run old school raids

    Looking for like-minded people who like to run old school raids.

    We try to run them every Saturday but also do them at random times during the week.
    Add me (Battle Tag: Fredgalielin#6654) with the msg "OLD SCHOOL RAIDS" and I'll be sure to let you know when we're about to run one.

    Generally nothing is reserved so no reason to avoid coming! Get your cool xmorgs, achieves and possible mounts.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark (Cael) is recruiting! Add me to your RealID list (Battle Tag: Fredgalielin#6654)! Looking for raiders for 2 nights a week. Flasks, Food & guild repairs on raid night. Help with gems, enchants & crafted gear!

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    Please use Open Raid for your raid organizing and to look more people.
    Open Raid US or Open Raid EU (depending which client you have).
    Mari of Punished (EU, social raiding group)<- RECRUITING
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