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    Question What classes can solo 10H Lich King for Invincible?

    I meant 25H, typo!!!
    Been searching around for that, I so love that mount.

    Not sure if posted on the right forum.
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    But.. I am a rogue.

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    The mount drops on 25H, not 10H.

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    None, because Invincible only drops in 25-man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animma View Post
    The mount drops on 25H, not 10H.
    Yeah thank you, is it even soloable?

    But.. I am a rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvorea View Post
    Yeah thank you, is it even soloable?
    I know blood dks can.

    ...but they can't get to arthas solo, can't beat the green dragon boss without a healer.

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    I guess Blood DK can do that. They even solo Deathwing ffs. It's going to be even easier next expansion though.

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    I've seen videos of both DK's and Hunters. I think I've seen the warlock solo thread mention some locks doing it but i haven't seen a video. I simple Google search should help out.

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    blood dks , warlocks , hunters easly , prot loladins probably too

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    Prot paladins can do it.

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    Blood DKs can (i have not personally seen or looked for one who can) There are videos of a prot pally and a destro lock on here doing it. I would imagine hunters could with practice and maybe a well played druid
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    I've seen videos for DK, Prot Pala and warlock so far. But it's very gear dependent for most classes (530+)
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    Death Knights. Who else? lol

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    prot pallys have it easiest at the moment because of GC abuse, blood DKs can do it too with not much more gear. If you want to do it on a hunter/lock/monk you're going to need heroic stuff I imagine.

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    Balance druids and elemental shamans can do it as well.
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    Blood dks, all 3 monk specs, prot paladins, warlocks and hunters are the ones I've seen videos of.

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    enhancement shaman too

    not sure about elemental shaman...due to Conductivity we can solo it (not sure if we are still able to do it in 5.4)

    I think you need an itemlevel of around 450? I am only on 524 so didn't try it as of yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmage View Post
    I know blood dks can.

    ...but they can't get to arthas solo, can't beat the green dragon boss without a healer.
    They can actually, thanks to bloodworms.

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    I've seen a video of a druid doing it, as well, I think

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    Priest (with close to bis gear) dk, paladin, shaman, monk, warrior(?) hunter lock is the classes that I can think of right away.

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