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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    Not even going to bother to read the rest after i got to that.
    But you bothered to post? lulz yah okay guy. Thin veil of bullshit is thin, you read it.
    And just b/c you can't think beyond the boundries does not mean it isn't a valid discussion. I kind of like the idea, not if it went live tomorrow, but to talk about it can't hurt, at least it's more interesting then "Not even going to bother to read the rest after I got to that." which adds exactly ZERO to the thread....boosting your post count ftw?
    I bet you complain wow is boring.

    OT: TIME PALADINS HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I worked for blizz, we'd be doing this at work on a weekend for giggles. AND YOU"D NEVER KNOW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirreludecker View Post
    all i have to say is Godwins Law
    "The law is sometimes invoked prescriptively to mark the end of a discussion when a Nazi analogy is made, with the writer who made the analogy being considered to have lost the argument."'s_law
    According to your link it seems it doesn't apply as it was used as an analogy before any discussion occurred (being the OP) making it a valid one.

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    It would be fun, but destroy any semblance of pvp balance. Asherons Call basically did this, with a few twists (training vs specialization, player determines where to spend primary stat points), and it was a lot of fun.
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    This isn't Pokemon: Class type combinations would not be fun in WoW.

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