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    Some people deserve to be trolled

    Great idea...or greatest idea?

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    I solo warbringers on my rogue all the time. I always get some idiots coming up to me saying "VANISH PLS YOU NEVER KILL THIS" and shit talking the while im killing it then cusses me out for not inviting them after i kill it. Warbringers were a bad idea for a mount imo

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    Reply with "" "There is no need to be upset, it is only a game"

    The more angry he gets, just stay nice with him and he will prolly throw a tantrum.

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    I don't even know anymore.
    Ahhh I remember middle school. Those were the days.
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    love it when your soloing something and at around the last 1-10% someone else shows up and demands to be invited.
    then start cursing cause you dont invite them that very second, or say no.

    if something shiny then drops i love too link it too them, so they go into a tantrum and just report that ^^

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    how exactly is someone just looking for a group for warbringers deserving of being trolled? thats just being a major douchebag

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    Quote Originally Posted by TmrAsakura View Post
    how exactly is someone just looking for a group for warbringers deserving of being trolled? thats just being a major douchebag
    Not this person in this case the one looking for a group is the Douchebag here in addition yeah he deserves to be trolled like PRETTY god dam hard too lol

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    All I see is someone trying to solo a warbringer while some troll monk is looking for a laugh.

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    they really do don't they..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuupag View Post

    Great idea...or greatest idea?

    No. Old trolling? Maybe. Current generation of trolling just means: I act like a dick and say "LOL I TROLL U" when people get annoyed.

    I wish people would stop mangling the word "trolling".

    Back on-topic, though. You both were being children. You were for trying to annoy someone by killing something they might have/could have used while you would've gained nothing from it. And he is for cussing at you like a child.
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    People are so vicious over the Warbringers on my server. It's funny how people beg you for an invite, and you know they wouldn't give you an invite themselves.

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    It isn't "your" server.
    What I see is two players acting like complete asses.
    Hardly news.

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    I don't know what it is about Tichondrious, but some of their server hoppers aren't the most pleasant ppl
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    It's not my server in the context of possession, it's in the context of me being on that server. It's easier than saying 'on the server that I am on' every time. So yes, it's my server.

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    Ugh, I see two people acting like asshats there.

    Also, Warbringers are retarded. Either should be soloable for everyone or no-one. Unfortunately soloing is not something Blizzard balances.
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    To be fair I prob wouldn't have gone and messed with him if he hadn't been so belligerent to begin with. I was intending the "get off our server" to be in jest.

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    I understand that he's not being the best guy in this instance, but it is better not to glorify enraging other people in the game. Why? Because it attracts the real trolls who get bitchy in the thread, flames start going out right and left, and I end up stepping in to put a close to it anyway.
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