View Poll Results: Why do you kill Bosses?

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  • The Lore

    12 12.12%
  • The Challenge

    43 43.43%
  • The Epic Loots

    21 21.21%
  • The Social Aspect

    11 11.11%
  • Vanity Items/Transmog

    2 2.02%
  • To top Recount/Skada and rank on WoL

    3 3.03%
  • You have nothing else to do with your day

    7 7.07%
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    Why do you kill bosses?

    What is your primary motive towards doing end game PVE content?

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    Why must I choose one option?
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    I thouroughly enjoy playing every and all aspects of the game, including raiding. It's just an added bonus that the PvE content makes my characters stronger. And capable of doing more endgame PvE content and... Oh god... It's just a vicious cycle...

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    I'm a Loremaster, so...
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    Mostly challenge. I like that we're in heroic modes now (working on 2/13 on Ji-Kun). I do like my loots, though
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    Anything less, would be uncivilized.

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    mostly for challenge and to test my skills against other people

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    These days about the only reason I do anything is to get transmog gear. I appreciate there may be something wrong with me.
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    Loots. I LOVE loots! I also enjoy the social aspect but i'd get that from my guild even if I didn't raid so.. I voted loots!

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    I can't choose just one option. :-\
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    The challenge for sure. I don't care about the loot. It will come with time. What's important is that we killed the boss.

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    Loot mostly.

    I can't really say challenge, because there isn't very much of a challenge in Raids, yes even heroics. If you are an experienced gamer, WoW heroics should not be an issue.

    The only challenge in raiding is having to weed out the weak links in a raid group.
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    Because it's fun. Why isn't the most obvious one an option?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherRae View Post
    I can't choose just one option. :-\
    I'm aware that most people raid for more than one of those reasons; that's why I said primary motive ... but if you don't have one that's probably a good thing lol.

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    Because it's fun. Why isn't the most obvious one an option?
    Because all the things listed are fun; putting fun as an option would imply that the other choices are not fun.

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    I used to raid for the challenge and the loot was my reward for beating the challenges. That said, without the loot I wouldn't have bothered.
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    A few of those reasons. Thus, didn't vote.
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    Fuck you, that's where.
    To improve my characters stats and damage. So ze epic loots is my reason.
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    Because I need something to do at the cap that isn't dailies.
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    A better expansion.
    I voted for challenge because that's what I really like but my guild hasn't been competitive in some time so I mostly just try and compete on WoL with other peeps.

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    The Lore, because I like the story Blizz has crafted.
    The Epic Loots, because more power is always good.
    Vanity Items/Transmog, cause fun!

    Challenge and Social are funny.
    I won't do challenging activities with a group of strangers, but I will go for challenging solo activities and I will do challenging activities with a group of friends. My guild died so it's challenging solo activities only these days.

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