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    affliction trinkets (help choose)

    ive had really bad luck with trinket drops this is my 3 choices right now

    LFR wushoolays (not upgraded)
    LFR breath of hydra (not upgraded)
    shado pan assault trinket (double upgraded)

    i have been using the 2 lfr trinkets, would that shado pan trinket be better then 1 of the lfr trinkets?

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    AMR shows wushlooays LFR being better than most 522's. don't know if that's true or not.

    I'm using Breath(530) and SPA (530) even though I have UVLS(530) I really hate it's proc

    So if I were you I'd roll with SPA and Wush.
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    Using Shado Pan and Breath.
    I've got the Wushoolay in my bags though. Just dont like the rampup on it.
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