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    My opinion: GC isn't going anywhere. Pardo will have a role, perhaps a major one but GC will be lead designer still. Doesn't really matter. GC isn't some irrational dictator who won't listen to anyone despite what many on the forums seem to want to believe. All evidence points to Blizzard trying to arrive at a general consensus on any major decision before making a move.

    Pardo being a part of the equation, is of course, good news. He's talented. GC still being lead designer is also good news. It means Blizzard management isn't a bunch of reactionary idiots.

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    GC wouldn't be the one talking to Morhaime. That'd be his boss, Tom Chilton, that does that.
    There's a lot more people above him than you think. He leads the developper group, but in any company it has to go past executives aswell.
    My point was that there is a chain of command, and the person above cannot micro-manage what everyone below them is doing. That's why they have people below them. GC tells them this will work and why, and they trust him to do his job. I highly doubt Chilton is cross examining every desicion that is made in systems development. The higher up you go, the more priorites change, and those people won't give two shits if Mages are over-powered. That is GC's job, and when mistakes happen, it is his fault because of the responsibility he has for his team, as well as to his bosses. When people quit because Mages are over-powered, that is directly his fault, and his alone.

    I agree with the other people here saying that GC is not solely responsible for every bad decision that is made, but he also doesn't do himself any favors when he talks about other departments as if he has final input in the overall direction they take. I do think that he has a lot of influence in the direction the game is taking overall, but it is silly to blame him for everything when some things are completely out of his control.
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    GC is doing the best he can ...

    Who would you recommend as a better candidate for the role Lead System Designer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    GC is doing the best he can ...

    Who would you recommend as a better candidate for the role Lead System Designer?
    Jay Wilson.

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    I think if Rob Padro would return and be leading again, and he manages to make the subscribers flowing again, that GC is in deep trouble, because Rob did something what GC couldn't do x)

    But i like GC i don't mind him.
    And i know it isnt his fault.
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