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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryken View Post
    There are 3 versions of each color, normal, heavenly and thundering.

    Azure - Cloud Serpents Exalted
    Thundering Azure - Nalak world boss
    Heavenly Azure - NYI

    Jade - Cloud Serpents Exalted
    Thundering Jade - Guild Glory Of The Pandaria Raider
    Heavenly Jade - NYI

    Golden - Cloud Serpents Exalted
    Thundering August (gold) - August Celestials Exalted
    Heavenly Gold - Coming in 5.4, Timeless Isle (Shaohao exalted, 22500 coins)

    Onyx - Shado-Pan questline
    Heavenly Onyx - Sha of anger
    Thundering Onyx - Coming in 5.4, drop off the rare Onyx serpent Huolon on the Timeless Isle

    Ruby - Glory of the Pandaria Hero
    Thundering Ruby - Alani, skyshards in Vale
    Heavenly Ruby - Glory of the Pandaria Raider

    Astral and Gladiator (white) mounts are unique colorings.

    So as of this moment, Heavenly Jade and Heavenly Azure cloud serpents will be the only "missing" ones. Keep in mind, all these have been in the game files since MoP launch, so could be implemented at any point. I personally wouldn't be surprised if Heavenly Jade will be added to the celestial world bosses (since they don't have a loot table in the journal yet, but do infact drop tier/pvp gear on the PTR).
    Blah blah blah, I know it's an old post. Thought this guy's guide deserved bump with 5.4 right around the corner and was at least a useful walkthrough. Adios!

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    They all look amazing, not sure if we would ever get the jade one though since it's just a smaller Yu'lon. Blizzard and their lore.
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    Tweeted multiple blizzard homies and never had a reply.

    Reeallly want the azure
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    I need the Jade one in my life;
    It's perfection made of pixels.

    Sadly - I can't think of a place where the Azure one belongs.

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    All Cloud Serpents are pretty lame.
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    Amg the blue one. I would do any thing for it!!!

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    Only thing i care about when it comes to cloud serpents, is that they make the training account bound. Cba to do the dailies on every alt i have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutalion View Post
    Only thing i care about when it comes to cloud serpents, is that they make the training account bound. Cba to do the dailies on every alt i have.
    Or make Cloud Serpent tokens at least, like with the Klaxxi, Shado-Pan, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Or make Cloud Serpent tokens at least, like with the Klaxxi, Shado-Pan, etc...
    Like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycon View Post
    Uh oke, then i fail to see whats different?

    The white nose hair? :/
    It's more than the white highlights. They're total recolors with glowing highlights that end in white.

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    The Jade one should be Monk only & is acquired from a very long quest chain Something like the Warlock green fire quest.
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    Terrible mounts so no, NEVER add them

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    I plan on sitting on that isle until i get the mount, been wanting one since launch but had to settle with thundering august one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untangled View Post
    The Jade one should be Monk only & is acquired from a very long quest chain Something like the Warlock green fire quest.
    I'm ok with this

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    The azure one looks quite incredible, hopefully they add it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youarefired View Post
    All Cloud Serpents are pretty lame.
    Ding! We have a winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimson View Post
    He probably meant the +1000 rep tokens dropped by Warbringers and Warscouts.

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    Still waiting on that Green Drake..

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    To be honest, the Azure/Jade heavenly cloud serpents would have been GREAT drops from 2 5 man raids- the Jade from Flameheart in the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and the Azure from Cloudstrike in Shado-Pan Monastary.

    This would be the ONLY expansion so far that did NOT have a 5 man drop mount. All other expansions had a 5 man drop mount of some sort- Classic had Rivendare's Deathcharger, BC had Raven Lord and later, the White Hawkstrider, Wrath had the Blue Proto Drake and the Bronze Drake (If you count that), Cata had the Vitreous Stone Drake, the North Wind drake, the Swift Zulian Panther/Armored Razzashi Raptor, and the Amani Battle Bear.

    But MoP has absolutely NO 5-man drop mounts. Now, the number of faction mounts, not counting the base horde/alliance ones, IS fairly high compared to previous expansions- world drop mounts are also fairly high. But yea, absolute lack of 5 man drop mounts makes me question the team that controls drops decisions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
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    I would love reins of thundering rave cloud serpent. It switch colors so rapidly that your eyes would bleed out.

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