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    Doomhammer's already dead, I don't see how they can kill him again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine de Coolette View Post
    Final, ultimate cessation of existence -> lesser evil than 'eternal' torment the length of which is [or rather: was] intertwined with the fate of Arthas's material existence.

    My-oh-my - this Garrosh SURE is one humane chap.
    On the bullshit-o-meter, your point scores just as high as the one according to which full extermination of Orcs during their internment would have been an act of compassion.

    I swear that sometimes even lurking within MMO-Champ threads leaves me mentally inoperational for at least one hour afterwards.
    What da fuck is this post, a joke? I don't care what is most "evil", but it's blatantly obvious that a single instant of agonizing pain it's still less terrible than an eternity of torture and suffering. Even a child could understand this simple truth. Apparently, you don't.

    The fact that Arthas now is dead doesn't matter, since the Lich King still exists and, by what Blizzard made us understand, will always exists; and anyway, on paper, what the Lich King do to the souls of living beings is worse than everything else.

    full extermination of Orcs during their internment would have been an act of compassion.
    The irony? The most proud of the orcs actually thought excatly that. If the average orc have to choose between death and chains, he would always choose death.
    Darkspear never die.

    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Stop the crazy semi-RP nonsense, and get some fresh air.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    The Sha of Pride would be the strongest entity in the universe if he had a link with the WoW forums...
    Quote Originally Posted by Speaknoevil View Post
    You are children on a playground drawing lines in the sand.

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    I find that the short answer is this: the player-base didn't like him. I felt like Blizz was trying to move the Horde back to it's roots in order to better justify the war with the Alliance, since they more-or-less haven't any reason to be fighting at all. In the end, the casual gamer is squeamish. He doesn't enjoy conquest, slavery, or wanton violence. The casual gamer is only human and the Orcs aren't supposed to be, which would make them harder to relate to the gamer. Case-in-point, Blizz is taking the safe road by making the Horde races more human and sympathetic, when they are supposed to be brutal and meritocratic.

    The virtues and morals of an alien species are obviously going to be very different. What's wrong to us might be considered brave and heroic to the Orcs, just like pacifism and mercy might be considered weak and lazy to the Orcs. It's this sort of homogenization that has made me lose interest in the franchise all together, it makes no difference what side I fight for because they are essentially the same thing.

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