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    The Good You Versus the Evil You

    Well you all know yourselves better than anyone else so how would you really fare if you had to face your evil half down?

    Is your good half the weaker one or is it the evil inside that can't hack it.

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    My evil half would completely dominate my good half, in all the right ways

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    Meh I'm generally in control all the time...I've never really done anything evil unless you count killing rare spawns and stuff occasionally.
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    Most likely would end In a stalemate as both sides would become distracted by something else /shrug

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    Evil? Well in that case of course he would win. He would just walk up and shoot the other me in the face.
    Or are we talking morally?
    In that case I'm keeping cool for now.....
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    I think my good half is a bit stronger, but my evil half fights really dirty, and is also a bit of a sadist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landin55 View Post
    Evil? Well in that case of course he would win. He would just walk up and shoot the other me in the face.
    Or are we talking morally?
    In that case I'm keeping cool for now.....
    Well they would be evil but if they wanted a fight perhaps they would want it to be fair. Nothing worth one shotting you with is what I mean but that doesn't mean they won't hold back and beat you to a bloody pulp. Morally good or evil is however you guys want to define it. They're your evil and good halves so you know.

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    For me it would be like the good 1/16 vs the evil 15/16 in which case the outcome is obvious

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    They'd be too lazy to fight each other.

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    My good side I would think. Only because I know my good side has the ace card of mutual destruction. Meaning that my good side would have no problem dieing to take out the evil one, where the evil one obviously wants to keep living no matter what. Honestly though I feel bad for killing a fly or yelling... I don't think my evil side has much to work with.

    This thread made me think of that episode of Doctor Who where he's up against his evil self. Loved that episode.

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    They'd be too lazy to fight each other.
    That as well.
    The generalist looks outward; he looks for living principles, knowing full well that such principles change, that they develop. It is to the characteristics of change itself that the mentat-generalist must look. There can be no permanent catalogue of such change, no handbook or manual. You must look at it with as few preconceptions as possible, asking yourself, "Now what is this thing doing?" -Children of Dune

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    I (evil) will always win. cuz good is Dumb.

    Good, Evil, I'm the one with the gun.

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    The conflict between Good Me and Evil Me wouldn't really be very interesting. My pragmatism would defuse the situation fairly quickly.

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    Generally i just do what I feel like at any given time, neither side is stronger because I dont focus on good or evil. Like, im not going to kill someone, but at the same time, I really dont care if people die.

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    My evil side would win without a doubt. My good side would be too afraid to do anything, or at least not use it's full strength because he might be scared to "hurt" the evil side xD

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    Good me VS Evil me? would not even be a fight! Evil me would say ''hey lets be frind and chill a bit'' then he would 1 shot my Good side when i drop my guard.
    Evil me fights dirty and loving every second of it.

    If i was asked what side of me is in controll most of the time i can honestly say Evil Me.

    ''I don't suffer from insanity, i enjoying every moment!''
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    My avatar shows I am good, but it's a constant struggle to do the right thing, yet evil will always be vanquished in me! Hahahahaaaa!

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    A good me would have to exist in order for this conflict to take place.
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