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    Your Graphic Performance in WoW

    With WoD coming this year with graphics changes and updates, whats your current graphic customization for your gaming device(PC,LapTop,Mac)?

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    Ultra high, although it runs shit on crap like Ordos because the engine is truly awful.

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    I run on high. My comp can handle ultra, but I get serious frame drops when in the big BGs (AV and IoT) and in LFR when there's a lot of AoE going on, so I usually just leave it at high.

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    The game has been annoying the shit out of me lately, lol. I could've sworn I was running higher fps before I left but coming back to it I'm sitting between 45-50+ fps in an empty shrine, or out in the world in certain places. Heavily populated places bring me down into the 30's, possibly below 30 if doing a world boss. At 4.7ghz, 8gb of ram and SLI 670's, you would think performance would be better, but nope, lol. If ONLY the game could FULLY use 4 cores. This is with high shadows and liquid too, lately I haven't been noticing much difference at all between high and ultra. Only draw distance and environmental detail destroy my fps.

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    Everything is on ultra high but shadows.

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    Every to super ultra beyond computer limits because anything else sucks.

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    I have everything maxed.
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    Ultra, I get ~10-50 FPS depending on where I'm at but it's worth it. c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devechka View Post
    Ultra, I get ~10-50 FPS depending on where I'm at but it's worth it. c:
    god, I already hate to deal with 35 fps on high.

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    I went from a gtx 760 to a r9-290x and I STILL get frame drops with the same maxed out settings. My CPU is a i7-4770k at 4.4ghz I don't know what it is.
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    Ultra, I get 60-200 fps depending on location.

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    Everything maxed. I never dip below 30fps or so, and usually am at 60 (I cap it at 60)
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    I run it on Good because I use a GeForce 8800 GTX thats super old. When I get my new card going full Ultra planning on a 760 ( just built my new comp ran out of money for the graphics /sadface)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dashflash890 View Post
    I went from a gtx 760 to a r9-290x and I STILL get frame drops with the same maxed out settings. My CPU is a i7-4770k at 4.4ghz I don't know what it is.
    Maybe your In speed? also the graphic engine of wow is very old and inefficient .

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    Everything below low. I'm lucky to get above 40 fps while staring directly into the ground in 1st person view.
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    Ultra-high at 90-110 fps

    Started my wow "career" with everything on low and 24-30 fps

    Those times man

    aaaaaaaaand this is why wow is so succesful.
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    Ultra high with 100ish fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    Everything is on ultra high but shadows.
    same here, got some tweaks in there as well like spell detail stuff from that one improvments thread thats around here somwhere

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    I run everyone thing ultra high too. I get usually between 60 and 200 fps. I noticed a mention of lower fps in shrine. I honestly think its just the coding of the area. I legit can stand in certain spots and get 200 walk two spaces and it drops to 30. Its shrine for sure.

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    Everything Ultra High 1440p. Been awhile since I've played but I recall sitting around 100fps most places and around 50 in raids.
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