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    A zombie apocalypse outbreak

    The object to your right is now your weapon against zombies.

    What is it?

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    The Patient
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    Apr 2010
    Denmark, Ponyhagen
    A small box of juice...
    shit im screwed..

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    a 12oz glass bottle of cheerwine. i think i would be ok if i had my brother swinging it at stuff, cause i've seen these things bounce off trees and not even have a chip in the glass. my problem is that i have no hitting power of my own, so i'm fucked if it's just me and the bottle.

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    Stood in the Fire stuartj1992's Avatar
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    Edinburgh, Scotland. It's got a castle and stuff.
    A finished bowl of cereal, with a spoon resting on it.

    I'll take the spoon then.

    Pity it's not to the left, I have a scalpel there.

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    Mechagnome DirtyCasual's Avatar
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    A little south of sanity
    a pair of earphones.

    I'd like to say at least i wont hear them coming, but my mp3 player is in my jacket pocket
    "A warning has been given. Their fate is now their own"

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    Mechagnome Khraine's Avatar
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    Shotgun, nice.
    Stormrage 4 lyfe

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    My diploma. That's more symbolic than useful, I suppose.

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    A piece of paper... oh fu*eaten by zombies*
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    A bottle with ice tea.

    Well, if Riddick can kill people with a teacup, I can kill zombies with a tea-bottle.

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    Blademaster boomsnack's Avatar
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    my keys....gonna drive away or stab people with them

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    A glass, empty, it doesn't even have soda in it.

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    Epic! Nyxxi's Avatar
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    A 50cm tall desk fan, could be of some use... might fall apart before i've finished bashing the 1st zombie head in
    Quote Originally Posted by Crym View Post
    Spoiler: The reason Garrosh is defeated is because, just when he's being attacked, Malchezaar pops out of a portal, yells "yoink!", and takes his weapon away.

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    The Patient Xerkx's Avatar
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    damn, a trashcan..

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    My cat! Oh well..

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    Hopefully your mom is good at killing zombies...

    Sorry, terribly immature of me. I could not help myself.

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    Phone,earphones and a pencil, yeah ok.

    Excuse me, are you saying something? Nah, you can't tell me nothing

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    Moderator Zoma's Avatar
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    My right computer speaker.

    You couldn't have asked for the left? I have a Swiss Army Knife there. That could have granted me at least an extra 5 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    My right computer speaker.

    You couldn't have asked for the left? I have a Swiss Army Knife there. That could have granted me at least an extra 5 seconds.
    5 cups, a deodorant spray, a wallet and a waffleiron stacked ontop of each other.

    Not sure which to pick or if I get all of them because they're stacked.

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    Either my computer tower, my headphone charger or a bowl :L

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