View Poll Results: Do you have a blood elf character at level 90?

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  • Yes a female one or more at max level

    80 32.13%
  • Yes a male one or more at max level

    46 18.47%
  • BOTH at max level

    35 14.06%
  • NONE

    88 35.34%
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    I'm currently leveling one, and I think I might choose it for my mage in the future as well.

    Might change once new character models come out. Currently I like the way my favorite paladin sets look on belfs better than they do on tauren, but that might change. I only play female characters btw.

    For me belfs are like the humans of the horde, boring and easy to pick so I try to make as few as possible and rather branch out to other races. However I'd like to have at last one belf whereas with humans I'd prefer to have none.

    I have 4 lvl 90 pandas though :3 the pandaiest panda
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    I think I'll let my sig speak for me.... (only one is 90, but the majority is close)
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    Quote Originally Posted by psycon View Post
    The only ever reason i would take a blood elf, it because their racial.
    Same here. I tried lvling a female belf paladin once and a human belf warrior. The belf warrior didn't really feel... warriory to me xD

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    Haha yeah, i once had a male belf paladin for a week. Then i got sick of the girlyness and hes dancemoves while fighting....

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    I'd rather unsubscribe than play a blood elf. Worst race in the game imo

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    I have one of each, and they're my only two classes I play now. I used to laugh at male Blood Elves and didn't even consider the idea of playing a female anything, but playing SWTOR altered that. The characters in that game have proportions that make those in WoW look ridiculous, with the exception of Blood Elves. So now, even though I prefer Orcs and Undead from a lore perspective, I just can't stand the appearance anymore. If the Orcs looked more like the Uruk Hai from LOTR, I'd switch to that in a heartbeat, but as it is I feel like I'm playing as a buff Shrek. SWTOR also got me started playing female characters, since I enjoyed the voices from them, and some class stories even seemed more fit for a female. So now I've got a male melee main, and female caster main. However, my female isn't wearing hooker clothes, so I'm not the lowest of the low by any means.

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    I played about 6 blood elves at one point. Three were 85 (It was cata), one was mid-70's, and two were below 60. If I remember correctly, it was... Priest, Paladin, Mage, Warlock, Hunter and rogue.

    Yes. I like(d) pointy ears. I'd still play them, but I'm currently playing Alliance and hoping for High Elves.
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    I like them. I like them very much. Esp. females.

    But I'm Alliance right now !

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    I have a male belf hunter, the race gives zero benefits whatsoever but I aint changing. Wtb a new model though, lots of armour sets that could look good, dont.

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    I have a level 90 Male Belf Warlock, level 90 Female Belf Priest & a level 86 Male Belf Paladin.
    My main is a Goblin Shaman though...

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    BE addict reporting in, ALL my horde characters are female BEs :P

    It's not really the looks but the animations, i *hate* how all the other horde races are animated, just ugh! (maybe besides the forsaken, they are somewhat bearable)

    I have a 90 Monk, Priest and Hunter and a bunch of lower level alts (or old mains that i stopped playing)... 2x DK, mage, warlock, rogue, another hunter, warrior. All female blood elfs.

    For the record i'm a lot less picky aliance side - i'm fine with NE, Dranei, Gnomes and Human animations (tho human textures are old and ugly as hell), the only race which animations got a straight lolnope from me are worgen.
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    I believe in equal faction, racial and sexual diversity, I own one of each class with no more than 2 being the same race, and no more than 1 male and 1 female per

    For BE's I have a Male Priest and Female Pally.

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    I have

    2 belfs - Paladin and a Warrior
    1 Troll - Druid
    1 Tauren - DK
    3 Orcs - 2 Hunter, Shaman
    1 Goblin - Warlock
    1 Forsaken - Rogue
    1 Horde Panda - Monk

    and sadly 1 Worgen mage
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    I had one female blelf but I changed her to troll because troll race best race.

    I generally dislike elves.
    That's racist!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodkin View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by OzoAndIndi View Post
    Number of Belves does not guarantee quality of Belves, ty! lol Well "max level" for my unspeakable location, yes. I only have one, at least at present. Males are best, they're adorable, though I prefer them on the more masculine side, as far as Blood Elves go. (Rogues <3) Adore the one I have and in some way I'm actually oddly a little weary of making another and unintentionally taking the spotlight away from this one. Though his Death Knight father exists on another, lesser played server.

    I don't have any female ones. Originally had one created, but wasn't played. The male Belf replaced her instead with a male version of her name. The girls.. I dunno, they just look too mad all the time to me. And the NPC "s" sounds make my ears bleed enough as it is.
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    Sadly my warlock is still female blood elf. Panda warlock pls qq.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    That's racist!
    I know, I know, I'm such a bigot.
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    Fact is,if belfs wern't in game the alliance would still have the most populated faction.Godamn faction traitors rerolling horde for looks.

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    A female belf hunter, max level. Aside from leveling haven't played it since Cataclysm though.
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    BE paladin, mage, hunter, rogue. I adore each.

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