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    Would you be upset if threads about LFD/LFR going away went away?

    Poll incoming!

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    looking forward to the poll!

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    Before this thread is most likely closed: No, wouldn't be upset in the slightest! Those threads are plain awful and unintelligent.

    Personally, I think we must have some measures for it for quite a time now, like closing any thread with LFR-bashing.

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    Don't bother with a poll. Closing this as pointless and not really about WoW. Sorry.

    Discussing moderation is against the rules and makes a post liable for an infraction. Send a PM if that's not clear. Don't put it in a thread.
    Please report problem posts instead of responding to them.
    Forum FAQ. Read it.
    Post about the topic, not about one another.

    Treat me like anyone else unless you're breaking rules or we need to do site business. I play. I have likes and dislikes. We're not that different.

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