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    Trying to make a new game handle

    What are some words/names that go well with "Abyssal"

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    The Most Secret And Sorrowful Of The Bearers Of The Endless Destiny Of All Creation Which Wander Amidst Forgotten Sights And Fallen Tears Along the Tread Of Ancient Ashen Footsteps Through The Shadow Of That Which Comes And Into That Riotous Cacophony Which Births All Fools And Steals All Beauty, Who Heralds Through Her Silence The Stillness And Chill Of Those Who Were Not Born And Who Will Not Fade 'Till All Things Fall And In That Most Grim Harvest Form The Final Restful Tomb Of All Awakened Life And All The Sleepless Dead

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    "Abyssal Blade" would be my favourite suggestion. "Abyssal Monstrosity" is another option.

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    You dont have a handle? You dont have an identity if you dont have a handle.. How about Boy Meets World or Zero Cool?

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