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    I've rode out every up and down of my warrior since Vanilla launch. If I completely stopped playing it the result would likely be that I have moved on from WoW. The class embodies the style of play I love in RPGs and I haven't found the enjoyment I get from tanking on a warrior with other classes.

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    Yes, I switched to Death Knight as soon as they made mounts, pets and achievements account wide.

    RIP my main of seven years.

    Too bad DK is also fucked up. ಥ__ಥ
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    Quote Originally Posted by idefiler6 View Post
    I rolled a 2nd one.
    I play 2 90 warriors as well myself, love the class still, though my hunter has taken top honors this expansion.

    IMO protection came out amazingly well in Mists (aside from the low-ish damage compared to other tanks in Throne) and I still enjoy Fury. I know Fury isn't topping meters, but I think that's more of a statement about several other classes being too good, more than it is warriors being too low.

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    Yes. My first proper character was a warrior. Playing on and off since BC I always enjoyed it, tanking and DPS. I loved the Prot play style in Cats and loved Fury in LK. Being a tank is my favorite role in the game. Prot in MoP is ridiculous. Our damage is incredibly weak except the once a minute bloodbath/Dragon Roar snap threat damage. Our mitigation is terrible. Tanking Oondasta? I only have Shield Wall on a 3 min cool down for 40% damage reduction. On my Pally I have incredible self heals, incredible damage and near endless ways to mitigate damage: ShotR, GoaK, AD, DP, Holy Avenger for essentially an 18 second physical shield wall on a 2 minute cool down. I just don't see a reason to play my Warrior now. We just feel weak compared to every other class that can perform our roles.
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    i'll quit before i reroll

    there isn't another class worth playing in this game

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    I have played other chars on and off but I always come back to the Warrior..

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    Dont worry guys with all these awesome buffs we can pass disipline priests and sub rogues yay great!

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    Will quit this game before I reroll as well, but let's say I've been very close to unsub the last 2 weeks ... so close i had to start gearing another alt to keep myself entertained.
    I don't even have "real" fun in raids anymore. 549 ilvl and it means jack shit cause everyone feels to be more useful than me before 20% on the boss and even after it doesnt compensate for 6 minutes where I was pretty much wearing down the raid.

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    I'll never reroll. I almost rerolled DK in WOTLK, but I'm glad I didn't. I just enjoy Warriors so much and even if we may be a bit weak at the moment, we're still a ton of fun to play. I don't want to have to relearn a new class, as I've gotten quite good at Warrior(not saying I'm a pro or anything but I think I do quite well).

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    I can't think of a time we were in a worse state as a class overall.

    Lower Mediocre pvp, Lower Mediocre dps, Lower Mediocre Tanks.

    I mean for fuck sake gives us a cookie blizz. Something we are really good at.

    PvP, DPS, Tanking, Something anything. Bandage Spec healers. So much blandness and feeling of not being wanted is getting to me.

    I mean we always had at least one thing we used to be good at. Suck at PvP and Tanking, Great dps. Suck at dps Great in PvP, Suck at PvP and DPS, Great at Tanking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    I'm not a raider, but my war is about the only character I DO play at the moment lol. I guess when you're not gunning for the top and worrying about min/max'ing, you stop to enjoy your characters more.
    I'd wager a bet that there are a lot of people who aren't gunning for top who are still swayed to/from classes based on forum banter.

    That's the cause of my alt-o-halism.

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    I'm not really having any issues in my raid and we're running 2 warrs (me as a fury and a tank).

    I could understand being told to re roll to raid if the team already has 1 melee DPS (ToT is a bit crap in that having more than 1 is...not good) but if you're being told to reroll because you play a warr(and not for any other reason)...tell that person to pull their head out of their ass. I seriously doubt they're pushing content hard enough to be THAT worried about min/maxing. That race was run and complete MONTHs ago! lol
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    Nah. Remained true to my class. Warr from the beggining

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icaras View Post
    I'm not really having any issues in my raid and we're running 2 warrs (me as a fury and a tank).

    I could understand being told to re roll to raid if the team already has 1 melee DPS (ToT is a bit crap in that having more than 1 is...not good) but if you're being told to reroll because you play a warr(and not for any other reason)...tell that person to pull their head out of their ass. I seriously doubt they're pushing content hard enough to be THAT worried about min/maxing. That race was run and complete MONTHs ago! lol
    Still, it feels pretty bad when you slowly come to realize that maybe your team would be far better if you gave your spot to an equally skilled and geared warlock/rogue/mage over yourself, because aside from dps, as a warrior we hardly bring anything else to the table that warrants a raid spot (aside from skull banner, arguably). It's not simply the dps difference that's frustrating, but also how warrior dps needs so much more babysitting from healers than pretty much any other dps class out there.
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    What a lot of being miserable. I'm enjoying mine tbh.

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    I blame Garrosh for being a warrior.

    But on topic, I dinged 90 on my warrior last week. After a few LFR's and Isle of Thunder epics, I'm at 475 ilevel, doing a steady 60-65k in raid situations. I'm arms spec until I reach more crit, in which I will change fury because I find it more enjoyable.

    I think I will be playing my warrior over my enh shaman throughout 5.4, and hopefully in to 6.0.
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    Whenever I've had an active subscription from vanilla until MoP I played a warrior. This expansion killed it for me. I think before I quit I ended up with 6 90s and the warrior was by far the least fun. I have no idea what they did to my beloved warrior class, but it felt less like a warrior than DK and Pally did. :/

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    Moved to warlock. It's simply amazing how all 3 specs have completely different play styles. Demo as clunky as it is, is something I wish Arms or Fury was like. Do low damage till you gain Fury and then pop demon form and then do 125k Chaos waves on people. So much fun. Affliction, you actually feel skilled playing it unlike Arms warriors where you do the same stupid boring rotation.

    Unless they make a change to how Arms or Fury plays, talking about rotation not damage, I will stop playing warrior. Everyone says monks are like warrior 2.0 but I refuse to play a class like that. Even without trying it, I can tell it's not the class for me. And I just cant bring myself to try it either. Possibly because of how boring and ordinary and non-badass it looks compared to some other classes we know.

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    When you take our hardest hitting abilites and make them our weakest hitting abilities it disorientates the hell out of you. Remember running up to a priest hitting MS and hearing that huge thud / chop / bleed / wound sound ? Now, you run up to them and hit them with it and their HP more times than not goes UP. Remember pressing bladestorm and people actually ran out of it ? Now, they dive into it and nuke you because they understand that it hits for literally 11k. Remember when a warrior went sword and board on you and you went ok this guy D now i shouldn't hit him hes gonna start revenge spamming for a shit ton?

    When you take literally everything people rolled the class for (weapon swapping, stance dancing, rage management, being a juggernaut, bleeds, high MS crits, MS debuffs, cleave) and you remove all of those then you kind of ruin the fun for almost all warriors. The people still playing the class at this point in my mind are either protection or have ties to a guild, friends or something else that makes them keep playing.

    I wouldn't be surprised if 50-60% of all warriors from wotlk have stopped playing or rerolled.
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    Made my warrior in Wrath, and enjoyed the hell out of it. Partly rerolled from holy paladin to dps warrior during ICC. Cata was the expansion where I finally made my warrior the true main. Left lots of memories and past accomplishments on my then 6 year old paladin, but now I can't play anything but my warrior.
    I've always liked that style of play in any RPG (as in, pick up a weapon and shield and go nuts), and I regret never rolling another character during Classic. I guess I just stuck with what I had... D:
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