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    Blizzard Trademarks "The Dark Below" - WoW or D3 Expansion?

    Blizzard Trademarks "The Dark Below" - WoW or D3 Expansion?
    Blizzard just trademarked "The Dark Below" and it definitely looks like it has something to do with a new game or expansion!

    • Computer game software; Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Downloadable electronic games via the internet and wireless devices

    It could be anything, but it could also be the next WoW expansion. With Gamescom coming up in a couple of days, we could also be looking at the name of the next Diablo 3 expansion.

    In any case, it looks like it's time to jump on the speculation train until we can get our hands on more information.

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    Sounds like a D3 expansion.

    Considering they said they'd announce something that would change things in heaven and hell and everything between them (or something like that) in Gamescon (w/e it's called).

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    Oh shit..

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    How did I not catch this. damn it. I was just checking them. Seems like D3 though.

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    For me it sounds like something in common with Azshara and her Nagas. Dark Below is term sometimes used for underwater.

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    it's either D3, or an azshara expansion

    edit: my money is on an azshara expansion
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    Sounds very Diabloish(?), though it could be both.

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    Actually, think about it. "The Dark Below" - somehow reminds me of Naga. I have a very strong feeling that this will be the next wow exp.

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    Time to finally kick Azsharas' ass it seems!

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    Sounds more D3 to me. If it was a wow expac then the name sounds like it would be an N'Zoth/Azshara effort.

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    I'm guessing Diablo III as well. The only way I could see it reasonably fitting WoW would be an Azjol-Nerub expansion, which would probably have a different name anyway.

    Edit: Now that I've slept for the first time in days. I recall Ozumat having a title referring to the Dark Below. Interesting.
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    I'm THINKING Diablo because of their announcement earlier that we were going to get "News from the heaven and hells" or however that was phrased.

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    At first I thought D3, but what Arag says makes total sense. Gonna be sad if its for WoW though, we need the dream!

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    Speculation: New WoW expansion is Azshara and N'zoth

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    I too think it is D3 expansion. The name simply fits D3 more than WoW.

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    Yeah, D3 expansion. Gamescon is right around the corner and I don't think they'd announce a WoW expansion anyplace other than Blizzcon (which is November).

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    Azshara, diablo, guys are you all mad?

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    Mention of the dark below in wow lore, seems to point more to wow now!

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    The name is "IN YOUR FACE"-like enough to suit the morning cartoon level of storytelling in Diablo 3 for certain.
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    Azshara/N'zoth expansion? That would SO awesome.

    But yeah, could just as likely be a D3 expansion - we'll just have to wait and see at BlizzCon I guess.

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